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2 People who Recently turn to Cows after Adultery

A viral video of a woman who turned to a cow after committing adultery has surfaced on several social media platforms.

Notably, this kind of video also went viral a few weeks ago, but the case was that of a Zimbabwean man who turned to a cow after sleeping with a married woman, allegedly.

Zimbabwean Man

According to IgbereTV blog, three weeks ago (mid-May, 2022) “an unidentified man has reportedly turned into a cow after he allegedly had intercourse with a married woman in Zimbabwe.”

Man Turns Into Cow In Zimbabwe After Sleeping With A Married Woman.
Man Turns Into Cow In Zimbabwe After Sleeping With A Married Woman.

This man was sitting on the ground, sobbing. He had grown a tail and also had legs like that of a cow instead of that of a human. While this man was crying, he was also making kind of mooing sounds like that of a cow.

Tanzanian Woman

In another viral video, a Tanzanian woman reportedly turned to a cow after sleeping with another married man. Hearing this news makes it seem like the lady has entirely turned to a cow, as one would have imagined as in the case of the Zimbabwean man.

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Woman turns to a cow after sleeping with another married man

She also had her legs turned to cow legs and grew a functional cow tail, like the Tanzanian man.

As published on Linda Ikeji’s blog:

“According to unconfirmed rumours, the woman in the video is alleged to have snatched someone else’s husband and the husband’s wife reportedly bewitched her. On the other hand, some are speculating that she slept with a married man and her legs mysteriously turned into those of a cow.”


The main source of everyone searching for the truth behind these people who have turned to animals after they committed adultery/fornication remains unarguably the internet. This is because of the differences in location and others.

If the Tanzanian woman and the Zimbabwean man really turned to cows, what happened to their partners in crime? Was there any Tanzanian or Zimbabwean media source to corroborate other blog sources online?

For the Tanzanian woman, LIB reported, “The video has got social media talking as people are quite sceptical of the authenticity of the video.

A number of people think that this is just a made-up story. Critics quickly noticed the uncanny resemblance that is apparent in this video and the other video which went viral.”


The majority of the online trends are established for the purpose of getting unbeatable massive traffic.

While I am not trashing the sources of both the Tanzanian man and the Zimbabwean woman’s cases, I am sceptical about the veracity of the news because it was never established as a confirmed rumour by any source.

However, if you can confirm any of these stories, from a first-person narration, kindly drop your view in the comment section below.


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