China: Friend or Foe: Perspectives from my Huawei Device and Chinese Gold Miners in Nigeria


The emergence of China into the international arena is one of the astonishing features in history. While the Chinese Chou dynasty developed in isolation around 1122BC -221 BC, contemporary China has successfully integrated itself into the world economy, especially with its immense growth in trade, science and technology. In this regard, Sinicism becomes a challenging feature to the West; as cultural imperialism of the West and the Orient increased.

The emergence of China is inarguably a challenging threat to the USA economy and also in all ramifications (especially science and technology). Also the gradual economic encroachment of Africa by the neo-mercantilist, communist China has raised concerns within the last few years.

As the whole world is scared of a world dominated by Sinicism, there evolved this debate, whether China is a friend of a foe in the international system.

In order to examine this topic, I have personalized the issues surrounding the Chinese role in the international system, using my beautifully principled Huawei phone.

Apart from the series of academic materials on this topic, I have tried to be objective to some extent, in drawing my conclusion pragmatically. Admittedly, the tension between the USA should be seen with an eye of international politics and nothing more and does not really reflect in the brief examination.

As posited by Jeffrey:

The relationship between the United States and China will be the most important one for the United States and the world in the 21st century.

China poses challenges for the United States across the entire spectrum of our interests — political, economic, technological, ideological, military, and security — as an emerging peer competitor. Other countries pose challenges to the United States in one or more realm, but none across the board (1)

Therefore little attention should be given to the USA comments and propaganda against China. Derived from my experience with the Chinese economic relations with Africa, I am able to objectively concluded, if agreeable, the stake of China as a friend or foe in her daily economic dealings with the world.


One might even start with series of unfortunate happenings in Africa due to her economic relation with China. Nigeria, for an instance became an indebted nation to the Chinese government, as she keeps wallowing in abysmal debt borrowed from the Chinese government.

Recently, her sovereignty was questioned by the Chinese government before the mess was cleared out. This is just the general overview of Chinese oppressive and disruptive economic relations with Africa, which unfortunately has not stopped.

Chinese gold miners in Nigeria are economically useful only to the government of Nigeria. Tens of thousands of acres of land had been spoilt by these miners. For an instance, the activities of Chinese miners in Ilesha, Osun State Nigeria, led to the collapse of many houses and the unfortunate emergence of unwanted streams and rivers in the city.

Traditional rulers in Iperindo (a town under Ilesha) often complain about the emasculation of the people by the Chinese miners, as these people walk all around without respect for humans in the community running under the pretext of security.

No wonder Ilana Botha often condemned the whole economic relations between Africa and China. It can be posited from Botha’s work that Africa for over years had become a tool for developing that Chinese economy.

Besides, Chinese science and technology are collectively targeted for infiltration of other countries’ dispositions. My Huawei phone for an instance lacks all elements that make a device telephone, just in order to prevent the usage of Western ideas.

The US government has been in several battles with Huawei per say, has it was alleged that the Chinese government is using it to spy and gather intelligence in its areas of operation. However, this should not seem to position the US as true ally as it is also full of propagandas and all sorts, covered under the pretext of democracy, capitalism, science and technology.

Conclusively, without looking at the side of international politics, it is obvious that China is a common enemy of humanity that majorly deals with the world by releasing pandemic, exploitation and others.

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