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The Poorest President in the World: His Lifestyle and Biography

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Over the years, the unusual lifestyle of President Jose Mujica has become a center of discussion among people that know about his simplistic and contented lifestyle. It’s very unusual to see a president diverting his property and money to the less privileged.

His Empathy for the Less Privileged

President Jose Alberto Mujica is the poorest president who has ever lived in the world. He chose not to live an extravagant and exuberant life like other presidents would do.

President Jose had empathy for the less privileged and distributed what ought to belong to him to the needy and the less privileged. He is recorded to be the most compassionate president; he’s contented with what he has and lives a simple life.

Mujica address him being referred to as poor in the seminar held by all leaders of the world before the end of his tenure in 2015. In his words, he said “A poor person isn’t someone who has little but one who needs infinitely, more and more and more”

His Lifestyle

President Mujica Left the residential building meant for the president and relocated to a small reserved village where he lived with his wife and his little dog. He donated 90% of his monthly allowance to the needy, out of the $12,000 he was collecting then.

Moreover, instead of using expensive cars that are meant for the president, he chose rather to use a  Volkswagen Beetle that costs the equivalent of 1800 dollars.

Mujica lived a simplistic way of life as he shows a true definition of contentment, he’s an epitome of contentment.

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The Life Story of President Jose Alberto Mujica.

Mujica was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on the 20th of May 1935. Mujica spent his childhood days on the farm with his father Demetrio Mujica who died when Mujica was just five years.

President Jose Alberto Mujica.

After Mujica father’s demise, his mother, Lucy Cordano and he suffered a lot because of their low financial life. His mother came from a low-income family, but Mujica mindset was that all human beings should have enough.

In his actions to make a change, When he turned 13, he joined different organizations and youth clubs and made different friends of high Calibre.

Not too long, he made it to the National assembly when he was being zealous and he was known for his activeness. He was bold and expressed his opinion judiciously.

The poorest president, Mujica joined and became an active member of the MLN Tupamaros Movement in the mid-1960 — a movement that consisted of the armed political groups inspired by the Cuban Revolution of 1953, which began in 1953 and ended in 1959.

The group was a Robin Hood gorillas that robbed delivery trucks and tanks and distributed, the money and food to the poor.

His Arrest to Prison

1969 witnessed Mujica’s participation in the six squads that took place in pando town, he was among the leaders. In their operation in 1970, Mujica was recorded to injure two policemen after he was avoided being arrested and he was shot six times.

After he was taken to a hospital and got treated, he was reported to have been jailed in the Punta Carretas prison. In 1971, he was among the prisoners that escaped from the prison. After his escape, he was being caught several times before he was finally arrested in 1971.

Mujica was released in 1985 based on the amnesty law that covers political and related military crimes committed since 1962, from the newly restored constitutional democracy.

His Release and Agitation for Power

After his release, he continued in his agitation to obtain power. He joined different political organizations and teamed up with some members of the Tupamaros movement and other left-wing organizations to form a new political party, (MPP) The Movement of Popular Participation.

The party got accepted and Mujica was elected in 1994 as deputy and senator. His party began to gain popularity through his charisma and gained enough votes from the people. His party MPP was renowned and thrived within the Broad Front coalition.

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2009 Election to the Presidential Seat

During the 2004 general elections, he was re-elected to the senate and his party MPP gained about 300,000 votes, which increased his political influence in the country and led to the victory of his candidate Tabare Vazquez in the presidential elections. By the 2009 elections, Mujica was elected and he is the 40th president of Uruguay.


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