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Genital Grabbing a Way to Say Hello in Australia

Genital grabbing was a way of saying hello in Australia. Before there was any external influence, there were many indigenous people who had inhabited Australia. The first notable inhabitants of this region were said to have gotten to the Australian mainland between 50, 000 and 60, 000 years ago.”

Genital Grabbing

In the 1950s, it was commonplace for an aboriginal tribe in Australia to greet each other by grabbing each other’s genital.

Andy Scott examines various awkward ways of people’s greeting all around the world. In his book “One Kiss or Two?: The Art and Science of Saying Hello” (Ref: Nypost), Andy states that the “cross-kiss” in greeting is the most unbearable greeting.

Walibri Men probably greeting each other
in another way rather than genital grabbing cr: FB Post

Australia is a home of diverse cultures, peoples and dynamic developments.  Before their contact with the foreign world, there were lots of unique practices among the Australian tribes that are precious to them individually and very inclusive in terms of beneficial implications.

Before the colonisation of Australia, there were tens of indigenous settlers in the region, namely the aboriginals. The European colonisers met stiff resistance from the Australian aboriginals who fought against external incursion with their local tools.

Summarily, the colonisation of Australia has led to the disappearance of some unique cultures of the aboriginals. These cultures and other practices are however open to moral debate; while some practices are commendable, some are not. Notwithstanding, all these original practices at one time or the other were parts of their cultural practices.

Genital Grabbing: The Walbri Tribe

When visiting each other, the Walbri tribe of Australia often place their “penises in their host’s hands.” According to Aussie anthropologist M.J. Meggitt and several other explorations of the practice, “to reject a penis in a greeting was an indication of enmity, unfriendliness, and hatred.

In the modern society of now that waving at one another or shaking hands is commonplace, the Walbri practice of genital grabbing has become a strange practice and has incurred several articles and other publications examining this practice.


Saying hello to our friends now is a social media engagement. Casual greetings to loved ones are done via WhatsApp, Facebook and others, while saying hello to strangers or passers-by is done by just waving to them.

Imagine, some years ago, you would see people expressing sincerity via casual greeting; they move across the street and willingly place their genitals in one another’s hands as a form of greeting in public. This practice is now a yesterday’s practice.


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