History: 2020 Detected Penis Pendant in England

A penis pendant has been discovered in England by a retired metal detectorist, Wendy Thompson on December 31, 2020.

Penis Pendant: Discovery

Penis Pendant discovered in England is another story on the WTF. Thompson discovered this on an English farm in a village called Kent in England, which she made known to a Portable Antiquities Scheme, a program anchored by a British Museum and National Museum Wales that deals with findings by metal detectorists.

Penis Pendant: Implications

Pendant Penis also known as Amulet is a penis-shaped pendant worn by warriors to protect them against enemies. It is also worn by children, women and men to avert them misfortune or prevent them from fetching people around 1,800 years ago.

Penis Pendant portable Antiquities SchemePendants like these
were worn by soldiers in battle and by
children to ward off bad luck. image by ATI

Penis Pendant: Features

The pendant by size, is1.2 inches long with a tiny ring at the top for a string necklace to penetrate through.

The pendant discovered by Thompson was identified and cherished by experts, thus, it is declared a “national treasure”.

It should be noted that detectorists have discovered over 400 pendant penis but this is distinguished as it is made of silver been the second in the history.

The pendant penis was 2000 years old when discovered on a farm near Gravesend and Strood in Kent, England. In a mail sent to Life Science, Thompson, a 73-year-old retired detectorist disclosed that It was only a tiny thing.

Penis Pendant: Conclusion

In the mail, he explained that they were just as normal, covering a field up and down with a metal detector, stating that he turned over the spade of earth and there it was, about eight inches down.

Thompson in his word said he thought it was around 2,000 years old and it was.

The independent explained that the silver pendant penis weighed 0.3 ounces. It was between 43 and 410 A.D. The pendant has not only been ascribed to ancient Rome but illuminated the phallus-centric beliefs.

Thompson affirmed that the last person to hold the silver pendant penis was in the era, explaining this as the second one in the U.K. which has been waiting for him to detect.


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