1900-2020: Major Events in African History

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Written by Tadese Faforiji

This is a compiled list of significant events that occurred in Africa from the year 1900-2020, tagged “African History Timeline.” These are short posts in the tag.

1900-The Boer War
1901-Boers Begin Guerilla War
1902-South African Peace Agreement
1903-British Conquer Northern Nigeria
1904-Germans Put Down Revolt in SW Africa
1905-Tangiers Crisis
1906-France Spain Gain Control of Morocco
1906-Revolt in Natal
1907-Passive Resistance in the Transvaal
1907-French Warships Bombard Casablanca
1908-Congo Free State Becomes Belgian Congo
1910-Union of South Africa Founded
1911-German Gunboat at Agadir
1912-Italians Receive Libya
1913-Mohandas Gandhi Arrested in Natal
1923-Southern Rhodesia Becomes Crown Colony
1935-Ethiopia Invaded by Italy
1947-Revolt Against French Rule in Madagascar
1948-South Africa Embraces Apartheid
1952-Mau Mau Begin Terrorist Actions Against the British in Kenya
1956-Tunisia and Morocco Become Independent
1956-Sudan Becomes Independent
1957-Ghana Becomes Independent
1960-Niger, Mauritania, Mali, French Congo, Chad, and Madagascar Become Independent
1960-Nigeria Becomes Independent
1960-Belgian Congo Becomes Independent- Civil War Breaks Out
1961-Sierra Leone Gains Independence
1962-Tanganyika Becomes Independent
1962-Uganda Gains Independence From Great Britain
1962-Burundi Becomes Independent
1963-OAU Founded
1963-Kenya Declares Independence
1964-Tanganyika and Zanzibar Merge to Become Tanzania
1964-US and Belgium Intervene in Congo
1965-Gambia Gains Independence
1965-Rhodesia Declares Independence
1966-Botswana Gains Independence
1966-Lesotho Gains Independence
1966-Nigerian Civil War Breaks Out
1970-Biafra Capitulates Ending Civil War
1971-Idi Amin Seizes Power in Uganda
1973-Severe Drought Hundreds Perish
1974-Guinea-Bissau Granted Independence by Portugal
1974-UN Orders South Africa Turn Over Protectorate of Namibia
1974-Emperor Haile Selassie is Deposed in Ethiopia
1975-Mozambique Gains Independence
1975-Angola Gains Independence
1977-Zaire Turns Back Angolan Invasion
1979-War Between Somalia and Ethiopia
1979-Southern Rhodesia Becomes Zimbabwe
1979-Idi Amin Overthrown
1980-Libyan Troops Intervene in Chad Civil War
1983-Northern Chad Seized by Libyans and Rebels
1985-Nimeiri Ousted in the Sudan
1987-Libyan Troops Driven Out of Chad
1989-Angolan Civil War Halted by Cease Fire
1990-Nelson Mandela Freed
1991-Eritrea Independent
1993-Eighteen American Soldiers Killed in Somali Gun Battle
1994-Nelson Mandela President of South Africa
1994-Rwandan Genocide
1996- MKO Abiola, Declared Nigerian President Charged with Treason
1998-US Embassies Bombed Simultaneously
1999-Nelson Mandela Retires
2002- Civil War in the Ivory Coast
2004- Genocide in Sudan
2005- G-8 Promises Aid to Africa
2006- Peace Treaty in Darfur
2007- Islamist Defeated in Somalia

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