All Schools in Igangan-Ijesha as of 2022

Igangan-Ijesha is a community in Osun State. Igangan is not a city in Ilesha as indexed on the internet. It is a city (community) on its own but still part of Ijeshaland. Igangan has a rich history that spans hundreds of years ago (History of Igangan-Ijesha)

There are many schools in Igangan-Ijesha. Recently, there are many newly established schools in the community. 

The historic primary schools are Igangan Community Grammar School, Omotola Nursery and Primary School, Tawakaltu Nursery and Primary School (folded up or joined), AUD Nursery and Primary School, and St. Barth Nursery and Primary.

The only government high school is Igangan Grammar School (Igangan Middle and High School), Igangan-Ijesha.

Igangan Grammar School is situated in Oke-Oja Street, along Ifewara Road, Igangan. The following are the names of schools in Igangan-Ijesha and their addresses:

Igangan Grammar School

Igangan Grammar School (ICGS), also known as Igangan Middle and High School, is a government secondary school in Igangan. ICGS is a historic school that has lived for decades.

Igangan Grammar School is located in Oke-Oja Street, along Ifewara Road. It is very close to Omotola Nursery and Primary School.

Side view of Igangan-Ijesha Grammar School.
Photo was taken during a video compilation on HCTV. cr: Tadese Faforiji/TADEXPROF

In 2016/17, Igangan-Ijesha signed an agreement called “agrarian togetherness” with foreign countries like the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

During the Igangan-Ijesha Scheme, some students of Igangan Grammar School: Tadese Faforiji, Ojo Timothy and others served as Community Citizens Service Volunteers (CCSV) with the Volunteers Service Overseas (VSO).

ICGS provided a space for agricultural activities beside the school for the volunteers.

Omotola Nur/Pry School

Omotola Nursery and Primary School is situated in Oke-Oja Street, along Ifewara Road. It is just a minute’s walk to Igangan Grammar School.

The school is a historic one. It is one of the pioneering schools in Igangan-Ijesha dating back to over 50 years ago.

Omotola Middle and High School was established by the same management few years ago. Omotola arguably has the highest number of students in Igangan currently.

Ben Nursery and Primary School

Ben School was established in year 2015 by Mr Alaje Benjamin. The school is the fastest-growing school in Igangan.

Mr Benjamin is from the Oju Local government area of Benue state. He attended Benue State College of Education, Oju and later proceeded to Lagos State University, LASU where he studied mathematics and statistics.

Igangan Grammar School
Side view of Igangan-Ijesha Grammar School. cr: Tadese Faforiji/TADEXPROF

Another notable person in the school is Mr Godwin Alaje who is currently managing the affairs of the school. Godwin is an alumnus of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State where he studied Physics and Electronics from 2011-2014.

the school started in a rented apartment in Oke-Iroko Omo Street, in Igangan-Ijesha. Currently, the school has a new permanent site which is under construction.

Three years after the establishment of Ben International School (properly called), it became a viable rival to other schools in the community, especially Omotola Nursery and Primary School. Its high school, Ben Middle and High School was established in 2018.

Islamic Model School

Islamic Model School is a Muslim Nursery and Primary School that was established in 2021. The school was founded by Mr Abdul-Hamid Ewuola, an educationist, teacher and entrepreneur.

The current site of the school is Ògbán-tuntun, Oke-Oja Street, Igangan-Ijesha. The school is very close to the Seed of Greatness School and not too far from Omotola Nursery and Primary School.

This is another fastest-growing school in Igangan. Because of the immense growth of this school, Tawakaltu Nursery and Primary School, a historic school in Igangan that was already in decline as of 2020, folded up and joined her pupils with Islamic Model School in 2021.

While the majority of children in this school are Muslims, it also has children from neighbouring communities like Iwara, Olopon, and others.

The Seed of Greatness School

This school was established recently. It was established in 2021 also, just like Islamic Model School. This school was established by a pastor of Redeem Christian Church of God (citation..)

It is also recording high success; the school has over a hundred pupils when it started. Now, it is one of the prominent schools in Igangan-Ijesha.

AUD School and St. Barth Primary School

AUD Nursery and Primary School is a government (public) Muslim Nursery and Primary School just as St. Barth Primary School is a Christian primary school.

St. Barth Primary School is located in Oke-Ayeso Street, along Owode Road, Igangan-Ijesha.

Private Secondary Schools

Schools like Ben International School and Omotola Schools have high schools. Their high schools are in their respective sites, not too far from their primary schools.

At the time of writing this information, there is no higher institution of learning in Igangan. We hope the community has one very soon.

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