On January 21, 1813, the Battle of Raisin River was fought. The US forces, commanded by General Winchester, sustained severe loses including 100 dead and 500 men captured. They surrendered to British Colonel Henry A. Proctor. cr: History Central

General William Henry Harrison’s Northwest Army split into three groups in order to attack British forces stationed in Detroit.

One of the divisions, consisting of 700 Kentuckians, ignored orders and sought to find food and shelter in the frigid weather.

The division, led by Brigadier General James Winchester, captured an enemy store in Frenchtown on the River Raisin and set up camp.

Because it was in a poor defensive position, the division was massacred by a surprise attack of 1,200 Brits and 1,400 Indians led by British General Henry Proctor.

The Kentuckians attempted to flee but were hunted in the woods by the Indians. Over 400 Kentuckians died; 80 wounded were left behind to face the tomahawks of the Indians. Only 15 to 20 wounded Kentuckians managed to escape and survived.

cr: History Central (Backlink) Internal Link: Wars

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