On September 5, 1813, the USS Enterprise sighted and attacked the HMS Boxer. The Enterprise captured the Boxer. CR: History Central

The Enterprise, which had a crew of 102 and had 16 guns, was patrolling off Maine. On September 5th it spotted the HMS Boxer a British brig with 14 guns and 66 men off Pemaquid Point, Maine. Commanding the Enterprise was Lieutenant William Burrows. Captain Samuel Blythe commanded the Boxer.

Both captains resolved to fight to the finish. Captain Blythe went as far as to nail the flag toa foremast of the ship. As the ships closed both opened fire. In the initial exchange Captain Blyth was killed.

A moment later Burrows was mortally wounded. Within 30 minutes the fight was over, the Boxer was in ruins. As the battle ended the dying Burrows was presented with Blyth’s sword.

He declined the sword saying, I am satisfied, I die contented.
The Enterprise brought the Boxer into Portland Maine. There a state funeral was held for both men who were buried side by side.

cr: History Central (Backlink)

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