On June 1, 1813, the USS “Chesapeake” was attacked and captured by the HMS “Shannon.” The “Chesapeake” commander, Captain Lawrence, was killed in the fight. Cr: History Central

HMS Shannon, commanded by Captain Philip Broke, was under orders to intercept any ship that tried to enter or exit the Boston harbor wshere it was stationed. Broke sent a message to Lawrence goading him to battle, but Lawrence had already set sail before receiving the note.

Around noon on June 1, 1813 the USS Chesapeake cleared Boston Harbor. Broke believed hat his challenge had been met and he allowed the Chesapeake to approach his ship. As the ships neared each other, they opened fire.

The Shannon inflicted significant damage upon the Chesapeake and before long the two ships had been lodged together. Both captains called on their men to be ready to board. But before Lawrence could lead a boarding party he was fatally wounded. When he as carried below, he was quoted at saying, Don’t give up the ship; fight to the last man.

These words immortalized him. Lawrence’s death demoralized his troops and there were few left alive to lead a charge onto the Shannon. Within five minutes, Broke and his troops were able to capture the Chesapeake.

cr: History Central (Link)

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