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Lisa Sparks, the Woman Who Slept With 919 Men within 24 Hours

Lisa Sparks, an adult star has left the “internet aghast with her recent claims that she allegedly achieved the world record for sleeping with the highest number of guys in one day, although she didn’t have the finest experience.”

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The Guinness book of records recorded another woman who slept with nine hundred and nineteen (919) women in 24 hours in 2004, who is known as Lisa Sparks.

The adult film star set a record in 2004 during Eroticon, which hosted the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship.

Sparks reportedly managed to sleep with 919 men at the event in Warsaw, Poland, according to The Sun. “That is nine hundred and nineteen men. Over the course of 7.5 hours. Back-to-back. Non-stop.”

Lisa Sparks: Biography

Lisa Sparks, born in Poland broke the record in 2004 within a day, following the record of the previous holder who slept with 759 men within 24 hours.

Lisa Sparks affirmed that every man took 45 seconds, stating that she enjoyed the moment, thou she later felt pained but was relieved after a week.

“Lisa made the startling confession in a recent interview with Daily Star, where she claimed that the men were ready to depart when their time came up because there were ‘flutters’ present during the occasion.”

Lisa Sparks is an American actress that works in the AV industry, born on October 6, 1976.

Lisa grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States. She’s a model and she is known for her appearance in several adult short films and TV series, she has acted for more than 10 years.

Lisa Sparks: Career

Lisa founded her website and also made her video debut in Dirtier Debutantes #4 with Ed Powers.

“She beat the previous record holder who had bedded 759 men during the 2003 Annual World Gangbang Championship. That previous record holder competed against Lisa in the following year but clearly, she couldn’t keep up with Ms Sparxxx.”


Lisa Sparks has been gaining celebrity status since she had her weird act of sleeping with over 900 men within 24 hours. This is the sad reality of our society at large.

Many blogs, websites and pages on all social media platforms have said one or two things about Lisa Sparks, primarily focusing on her ability to wreck down 919 men on bed and still stand strong.

Few or none of them emphasise the danger of such acts as well as the immorality of porn and porn-related activities which are now celebrated by many people all across the world.

Some of the common damaging effects of pornography for users can include “addiction, isolation, increased aggression, distorted beliefs and perceptions about relationships and sexuality, negative feelings about themselves, and neglecting other areas of their lives (Maltz & Maltz, 2006; Manning, 2006).”

While Lisa’s act seems weird to you, always remember that immorality is immoral, no matter the packages, expressions, backup, popularity, and celebration.

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