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Aje Olokun: the Yoruba Goddess of Wealth

It is significant to discuss the origin of the so-called deity, known as the god of wealth in Yoruba land, Aje Olokun.

Who is Aje Olokun?

Aje Olokun, female, is among the cherished Yoruba goddesses, she is respected among the 401 goddesses that are being worshipped and honoured.

The goddess, Aje Olokun is believed to provide sufficient wealth for the people, most especially her worshippers and is believed to enrich them with enough money. Aje literally means “wealth” among the Yorubas, this explains why the first day of the week is called “Ojo Aje” by the Yoruba people. They believe that it is when people make stupendous money and work tirelessly to get money.

The Origin of Aje Olokun

Aje, as recorded, is known to be the daughter of Olokun that is why it is sometimes referred to as Aje Olokun. Olokun, despite being the father, respected Aje to an extent and even granted what Aje desired easily without hesitating. People often seek the face of Aje before they can get something from the father, Olokun because he loved her so dearly.  Aje was the only child of Olokun

Attributes of Aje

The source of spending cowries is traced to Aje, as it can be found in waters. Aje takes pure things, like; banana, beans, ekuru, honey. The symbol of Aje is white clothes and cowries because it dwells in pure things.

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The Benefits of Aje Olokun

According to the people to worship her, Aje blesses her worshippers sufficiently with money. She blesses them beyond their counterparts or contemporaries in whatever they are doing. It is known that Aje cannot bless an idle hand; she only blesses those who are involved in one thing or the other.

It is believed that females are prone to have the spirit of Aje, and anyone with such spirit will impose those around them with wealth. Female with the spirit transfer the glory to any man that sleeps with them unknowingly, as they can’t even know if the spirit is with them or not.


As believed, if a woman with Aje spirit sleeps with, or marry a man, the man will be the only beneficiary and he will be blessed beyond measurement. In a situation when the woman with the spirit is sleeping with different men, each man will have their own tap of the glory.

The beneficiary of the lady with the spirit must be taking care of her to receive further favour from Aje. The spirit also dwells in man but is not as common as that of females, because Aje herself is a female.

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