Apply for UK Work VISA in 2023: Long/Short-term or Skilled Work Permits of UK

Apply for UK Work VISA in 2023: Certainly! Here’s the information about applying for UK work visas in 2023 and the different types of work permits in simpler terms:

Applying for a UK Work Visa in 2023: Long/Short-term or Skilled Work Permits

If you plan to work in the UK, you need to obtain a UK work visa or work permit in 2023. As an international job seeker, you cannot enter the UK to search for a job without a valid work visa.

Also, to secure this visa, you’ll need to demonstrate your English language proficiency, provide a job offer from a UK employer, and showcase your skills and experience relevant to the job.

How Long Does It Take to Obtain Permanent Residency through Work in the UK?

The UK work visa serves as a pathway for skilled foreign workers to come to the UK for specific jobs. Additionally, if you’ve lived or worked in the UK for over five years while holding a UK work permit, you may become eligible for permanent residency.

Types of UK Work Permits in 2023:

There are three primary categories of UK work permits:

1. Long-Term UK Work Visa:

  1. Also known as a Sponsorship Visa, this type requires a job offer from a UK employer with a valid sponsor license. Additionally,the duration of stay under this category is five years.
  2. Sub-types of Long-Term work permits include:
    • Skilled Worker Visa
    • Health and Care Worker Visa
    • Specialist (Senior) Worker Visa
    • Scale Up Worker Visa
    • Ministry of Religion Visa
    • International Sportsperson Visa

2. Short-Term Work Visa for UK:

  • These are temporary work visas for shorter durations, allowing candidates to work in the UK with a job offer from a UK employer. They also include categories such as International Agreement Visa, Charity Worker Visa, Religious Worker Visa, Seasonal Worker Visa, Youth Mobility Scheme Visa, Graduate Visa, and Graduate Trainee Visa.

3. Special Work Visa Types for UK:

  • They include:
    • Innovator Visa for innovative business ventures.
    • Start-up Visa for new and unique businesses.
    • Global Talent Visa for leaders in academic research, digital technology, arts, and culture.

Furthermore, each of these visas has specific application fees and eligibility requirements, and they cater to different professional fields and durations of stay in the UK.

Apply for UK Work VISA in 2023
Apply for UK Work VISA in 2023

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