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Mr. Aderemi (Baba Waliu). Phcr: Tadese

Igangan-Ijesha: Baba Waliu, the Vehicle Manufacturer

Indeed entrepreneurs are not only innovative; they have the mindset to solve problems in return for economic value. That is, an entrepreneur directly or indirectly commercializes problems by providing a monetized probable remedy.

A case study of a man who singlehandedly built a vehicle, and uses it for services that bring money back in return.

Mr. Abd-Bashir Aderemi, Baba Waliu, (an Osunian Nigerian) is a professional welder, a metal worker, a blacksmith, and other works in line of ferrous development. He is a man of innovation; he has developed several machines himself.

In fact, Mr Aderemi never buys a manufactured engine before; he rather manufactures the ones he uses.

Mr Aderemi builds engines for the people in return for economic value. As popularly known in Igangan-Ijesha, his engines are stronger than any other ones. However, Baba Waliu faces many challenges, especially financially, in his work.

Baba Waliu successfully manufactured a four-wheeled vehicle. This vehicle though has some features of modern vehicles built by big companies in Asia, Europe, etc., yet has some peculiar features; I cannot actually call the vehicle a lorry, or a car (it is very unique to the core).

The short implication of this is that it shows the extent of innovative Nigerians. Visitors in Igangan-Ijesha are mostly fascinated by this vehicle; as on a daily basis, tens of people take pictures with the car.

During the Igangan-Canada agrarian togetherness that brings the Oyinbos from Canada, Germany, England, etc., to Igangan-Ijesha every year; these white men (marveled by this development) severally take pictures beside Baba’s vehicles, as well as other machines he manufactured. 

Many media agencies, including the popular ones in Nigeria, have held interview sessions with Baba, yet there has not been any rapid development so far, because of the financial obstacles.

Notwithstanding, he remains one of the best brains of Africa, and Nigeria particularly, who are yet to be celebrated.  And it would be sad if this man is not celebrated; in fact, it would be a lost glory, not only to the Nigerians and Nigeria but Africa generally.
Baba Waliu in his work place in Igangan-Ijesha. cr: Tadexprof

In an interview session with Tadexprof, he says it will really be of help to the industry, if there is any help, especially financially, from governmental bodies.

According to him, what one does every day, one becomes more skillful in it; that he has been doing this for over decades, and he hopes to increase the size of the industry and build vehicles of various types for Nigeria and the global world entirely to make the country economically giant by competing with foreign companies.

Baba Waliu still keeps building machines, and still engages himself in other ferrous development in Igangan-Ijesha, but yet to receive supports from big bodies, especially governmental bodies.

This is the time to augment African price, the time to create a lasting entrepreneurial image, the time to encourage budding entrepreneurs in Nigeria particularly, and Africa in general.  

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