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The Austro Hungarian army attacked the Russian army in Poland but was so totally defeated that they were forced to retreat out of the Galicia section of what became Poland.

The Battle of Galicia was a series of battles between the Astro Hungarian Army and the Russian army at the beginning of World War I.

The Austrians knew that the German were gong to invade France as soon as they could so the Austrian decided to attack the Russian Army in Northern Poland.

On Agust 16, 1914, the Astro Hungarian 1st army moved North towards Lublin and in the Battle of Krasnik defeated the Russians and captured 6,000 soldiers

The Austro-Hungary 4th army drove toward Cholm and defeated the Russians capturing 20,000 prisoners but failed to surround the Russian army there. The 3rd Army was less successful in the their attack on the Russian center and south.

They were totally defeated by the Russians and forces to withdraw. Their withdrawal continued until that Russians had completely captured Galicia.

The Astro Hungarian lost 100,000 dead, 220,000 wounded and 100,000 captured. The Astro Hungarian army ceased for the moment to cease to be an effective fighting force.

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