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Butex Scholarships

Butex Scholarships Abroad 2024 | Application Begins Now!

The Butex Scholarships 2024 present an incredible opportunity for undergraduate students yearning for an international study experience. Each year, Butex grants scholarships to students participating in semester or year-long study abroad programs, summer schools, internships, overseas work placements, or traineeships. If you’re eager to expand your horizons and dive into a new culture, the Butex Scholarships might be your pathway to an unforgettable adventure.

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Introducing the Sustainability Abroad Scholarship

This year, Butex is proud to announce a new addition: the Sustainability Abroad Scholarship. This scholarship uniquely combines sustainability with global education, encouraging eco-friendly practices and fostering environmental awareness. As our world grows more interconnected, this scholarship highlights the significance of sustainable travel and cultural exchange.

By supporting students who prioritize sustainability during their study abroad experience, this scholarship aims to deepen understanding of global environmental issues and promote the exchange of innovative ideas. The goal is to build a global network of passionate individuals dedicated to creating a sustainable future.

Scholarship Details: Butex Scholarships

  • Value: Each scholarship is valued at £500, disbursed to the winners upon their arrival and registration at the host university, or after confirmation of placement completion.
  • Tony Emmerson Award: In memory of the late Treasurer, a special £500 award will be presented to an outstanding American Studies student.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Butex Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be an undergraduate student affiliated with a Butex Full Member institution.
  • Have been offered, be currently undertaking, or have completed a study abroad, exchange placement, summer school, internship, or traineeship.
  • Ensure that the placement occurs within the calendar year of application.
  • Be enrolled in their undergraduate course during the application period and when receiving the scholarship.
Butex Scholarships
Butex Scholarships

Application Process

The application window for the 2024 Butex Scholarships is open until July 10th, 2024. To apply, visit the Butex Scholarships page and answer the following question:

Question: Share your thoughts on travel and sustainability. Describe the measures you intend to or have taken to promote eco-friendly travel, align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and contribute to a cleaner environment during your study abroad placement.

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