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Fans celebrate world cup

Celebration of World Cup by supporters

The Guardian reported that 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka had died in Qatar since Qatar awarded the World Cup in 2010.

These figures, which were provided by the respective countries’ embassies, included deaths of individuals who were not working on World Cup projects, according to the Qatari government.

It stated, “The mortality rate in these communities is within the expected range for the population’s size and demographics.”

According to the government, 37 workers directly involved in the construction of World Cup stadiums died between 2014 and 2020, three of which were deemed to be “work-related.”

Fans celebrate world cup
Fans celebrate world cup

Demir stated, “The deaths of many guest workers have cast a shadow over the World Cup being organized in this region, which is very prestigious.”

Qatar’s image has suffered greatly as a result of the deaths. She continued, “I don’t think they were able to make good use of it, but it had a very good opportunity.”
On the first day of the World Cup, an opening ceremony was held in Gaza City in the besieged Gaza Strip.

In the Palestine Stadium Hall, hundreds of Palestinian athletes and fans congregated, waving Qatari and Palestinian flags to show their support for the Qatari team.

Murad Badr, 42, stated that he came here today with his children as an avid sports fan and athlete.

Since 1994, I have been watching the World Cup.This is the first time an Arab nation has hosted it, and it has been wonderful. Impressive preparations have been made.
Al Jazeera was informed by Badr that Qatar has put in a lot of effort to construct stadiums and other infrastructures.

“Today, we came to support Qatar and the other four Arab teams that are participating:Tunisia, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.”

Al Jazeera was informed by Palestinian national table tennis player Abdullah al-Saqqa, 37, that he was fortunate to have visited Qatar three times previously.

“The State of Qatar has experienced a quantum leap between the years of 2006 and 2022.Al-Saqqa stated, “The Emir, the government, and the people of Qatar are proving themselves.”

“Everyone sees that Qatar deserves this coronation and can show the world that we, as Arabs and Muslims, can support the superpowers,” the statement reads.

Shahd Salouha, 23, was paying close attention to the World Cup’s opening games.

Because I am so enamored with football, I will listen to the games on the radio if my house’s electricity goes out.In order to avoid missing matches, I sometimes search outside the house.

Salouha claims that Brazil is her favorite team, but she also likes Spain and Germany.
I’ve been following the World Cup preparations for a year, and everything I’ve seen is very impressive.She stated, “The museums, stadiums, and preparations are excellent.”

“This is a source of pride for all of us as Arabs, and it gives us a sense of pride that this is a country made up of Arabs and Muslims with such great capabilities,” the Arabs said.

Additionally, Salouha expressed her appreciation for Qatar’s assistance in the Gaza Strip.
“It is well-known that Qatar is one of the countries that supports Gaza the most, so they have all the love and respect, and it is a great country in both words and deed,”

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