You are currently viewing Dog Saved Abandoned Baby in Lebanon
Dog Saved Abandoned Baby in Lebanon

Dog Saved Abandoned Baby in Lebanon

Dog Saved Abandoned Baby: A heartwarming incident in Lebanon has captured the attention of social media users. A stray dog emerged as a hero when it saved an abandoned baby’s life.

The little girl was left in a garbage bag outside a government building, but the dog’s actions brought her to safety.

A passerby, who heard the baby’s cries from inside the bag, rushed to the rescue and took her to Islamic Hospital for treatment of bruises on her face and body.

Dog Saved Abandoned Baby
Dog Saved Abandoned Baby in Lebanon

The news spread like wildfire on Twitter, with one user named Farid sharing an image of the infant and praising the dog’s actions. The tweet expressed hopes for the child’s adoption into a loving family.

The post garnered many responses in Arabic, with people expressing well wishes for the baby’s safety and admiration for the heroic dog.

At the same time, some individuals rightfully condemned the act of abandoning the innocent child. The incident touched the hearts of many and highlighted the need for compassion and responsibility towards vulnerable lives.

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