E-book: ‘1st Class Blogging’

Who can Venture into Blogging?

You might have been wondering why some people maximize the huge opportunities online and why some people fail.

I also notice that this skill which is essential to any digital engagement is not widespread like other skills, despite its technical simplicity and tens of thousands of people who venture into it.

‘Blogging is everything relating to online activities.’ Blog and other activities attached to it are a central element of all forms of digitalization in the world.

Contents in the Material

  • What is Blogging?
  • Importance of  a Blog
  • Starting your own Blog
  • Finding your Niche(s)
  • How to Create Domain Name
  • Blogger & WordPress Services
  • ‘Hostless’ Website and Hosting Plan
  • Blog’s Dashboard Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense Application

When it comes to believing in yourself, don’t be agnostic. Some people have been aspiring to become digital experts in one or the other like affiliate marketing, blogging, managing ads, creating a website, holding talks online, presentation, beauty talks, hosting competitions, beauty pageants, developing websites, or other things which they want the world to know about.

You Don’t Need Coding/Programming

With zero knowledge about blogging before, here you will learn and excel. I started my first website (Tadexprof.com) where you are currently reading on the 4th of April, 2021. Now, more than Adsense approved, it is now the very source of my income and a milestone in my history

From Zero-to-Hero

You may have the knowledge of developing websites or not, but in this material, you will learn the very beginning of blogging, website creation and website development with basic explanations including pictorial representation

If you have a business online, or you are a student, artist, copywriter, online coach, farmer, and others, having the knowledge of blogging will not only make your digital engagement professional but also will stabilize and maximize your audience/clients to patronize you.

Problems on internet

Moreover, you can get ads from people who want to promote their businesses, campaigns on your web. And finally, you can monetize your website with many affiliate marketing programs on the internet where you earn a commission for advertising their products on your websites.

All-inclusive, my 1st Class Blogging is what you should not miss. Why? This 20-page work is “From the Guy who Rose from Nothing to a Blogging Expert, Exploring the Initiatives of the 21st Century Digital World”

When I discovered my writing skill, I started to put in for blogging, learned from many bloggers, yet I would commit technical errors. My resort then was YouTube and Google.

I never saw a holistic explanation, and then I underwent another tutelage under a WordPress.org expert. My Blogger/WordPress skills altogether are the real push behind the production of this book.

I give the very detailed guides from the primitive stage (What is Blogging?), till monetization (Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense Application) in just 15 pages. Furthermore, I am available for other questions till I see you thriving.

Have the masterpiece and rule your world

Faforiji Tadese, Author, Tadexprof.com


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