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Ellison Scholarship

Ellison Scholarship at Oxford University | Application Begins Now!

Do you have a dream of making a tangible difference in the world? The Ellison Scholarship Program at Oxford University offers a transformative opportunity to embark on a journey that not only shapes your future but also empowers you to address pressing global challenges.

The Journey of Ellison Scholarship

Becoming an Ellison Scholar means more than just receiving a prestigious education at Oxford University. It signifies a commitment to global impact, leadership, and collaboration. Each scholar is selected not only for their academic excellence but also for their passion for solving critical issues such as health disparities, sustainable agriculture, climate change mitigation, and the ethical development of artificial intelligence.

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  1. Fully Funded Education at Oxford: Ellison Scholars receive comprehensive financial support, covering tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs. This allows scholars to fully immerse themselves in their studies and research without financial constraints.
  2. Global Impact Focus: The program emphasizes tackling global challenges through innovative research and practical solutions. Scholars engage in projects that have the potential to create meaningful change on a global scale.
  3. Mentorship and Support: Each Ellison Scholar benefits from personalized mentorship by leading experts in their respective fields. This guidance helps scholars navigate their academic journey, refine their research goals, and prepare for impactful careers.
  4. Collaborative Environment: Oxford University is renowned for its intellectual vibrancy and diversity. Ellison Scholars have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and faculty members from around the world, fostering interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems.
  5. Career Advancement: Beyond academic excellence, the program equips scholars with practical skills and experiences essential for success in academia, industry, or the nonprofit sector. Scholars are encouraged to innovate, lead, and contribute to society throughout their careers.

Who Can Apply?

Ellison Scholars come from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines, united by their dedication to making a positive global impact. Applicants should demonstrate:

  • Passion for Global Impact: A strong commitment to addressing global challenges and improving the lives of people worldwide.
  • Academic Excellence: An outstanding academic record that reflects intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and leadership potential.
  • Diverse Backgrounds: The program welcomes applicants from all countries and academic disciplines, fostering a rich and inclusive community of scholars.
Ellison Scholarship
Ellison Scholarship

Application Process: Ellison Scholarship

  1. Apply to Oxford University: Prospective Ellison Scholars must first apply and gain admission to Oxford University through their regular admissions process.
  2. Complete the Ellison Scholars Application: Once admitted to Oxford, applicants must submit a separate application specifically for the Ellison Scholars Program. This application typically includes essays, a research proposal, and letters of recommendation.
  3. Interview: Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview, providing an opportunity to discuss their academic achievements, research interests, and commitment to global impact.

Application Deadline

The deadline for undergraduate applications for the Ellison Scholars Program is August 1, 2024, at 4 PM UK time. Interested candidates are encouraged to prepare their applications early to ensure they meet all requirements and deadlines.

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