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Ukraine war: Zelenskyy says war has harmful effects on climate

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, talking at the COP27 climate summit point, says a quick-heating world “cannot afford a single gunshot”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Ankara is expecting to see solid movement from Sweden to accomplish “anti-terrorism” obligations to join NATO.
Zelenskyy has put requirements on a potential conversation with Russia, asking Moscow to pay compensation for losses led by the ongoing war.

Russia and the United States are having conversations holding talks on strategic nuclear weapons for the very first time since Moscow sent troops into Ukraine, Russian newspaper Kommersant reports.

Putin presents the highest medal to ‘warrior priest’ killed in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has after death granted the most elevated medal to supportive of Kremlin senior priest Mikhail Vasilyev, who died in Ukraine over the course of the end of the week.

Vasilyev recently said ladies ought to have more youngsters to facilitate the aggravation of sending their children to the tactical activity in Ukraine.

He got the Legend of the Russian League decoration for “the boldness and bravery displayed in the presentation of his city obligation”, as per a declaration on the official site.

Italy to send Ukraine more weapons and air guard infrastructures
The Italian government is setting up another arms bundle for Ukraine, including air safeguard infrastructures.

An Italian alliance official, who declined to be named, advised Reuter’s news organization that Rome was prepared to furnish Ukraine with different air-safeguard infrastructures, including the medium-range Franco-Italian SAMP/T, Italian Aspide, and versatile Stinger rockets.

Notwithstanding, it is muddled the number of these it could offer or when any shipment may be conveyed.

Italian safeguard serve Guido Crosetto talked by telephone on Monday with US Secretary of Protection Lloyd Austin and swore to help Ukraine against Russia’s intrusion “however long vital”, an assertion said.

Giorgia Meloni’s recently introduced traditional alliance government is setting up the 6th round of provisions to Ukraine.

Russia should be considered ‘responsible’ : US representative

US Diplomat Linda Thomas-Greenfield says Russia should be held “responsible” during her visit to Kyiv.

Thomas-Greenfield tweeted, “In Kyiv, I met with casualties of Russia’s atrocities. A mother enlightened me regarding holding her withering kid after an assault on her home.
“A regular citizen clinical specialist educated me regarding being confined and tormented by Russian powers for a really long time. We should consider Russia responsible for these outrages.”

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