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Hiding X Blue subscription on Musk’s X (Twitter)

Hiding X Blue subscription on Musk’s X (Twitter)

X Blue subscription: Elon Musk’s platform, previously known as Twitter Blue and now called X, has introduced a new feature for its paid subscribers. Users who pay $8 per month for the X Blue subscription can now choose to hide the blue checkmark that used to indicate account verification.

The checkmark will be removed from their profiles and posts, but it may still appear in some places and features, hinting that the user has an active subscription.

This change comes after the platform faced criticism for how it used to grant checkmarks to verified accounts, including public figures, media personalities, and politicians.

X Blue subscription
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Previously, the checkmark indicated that an account was authentic and verified. However, under Musk’s leadership, the company made changes to how checkmarks were awarded, which caused confusion and concerns about authenticity.

Moreover, the X Blue subscription previously allowed all users to set up two-factor authentication for their accounts. Now, this feature is only available to paying subscribers, further incentivizing users to subscribe.

Last month, Musk rebranded the platform as X and hinted that it would eventually become an “everything app” with more features and functionalities.

In the account settings section, under “Profile customization,” subscribers will notice a fresh option called “Hide your blue checkmark.” By selecting this option, users can make the blue checkmark badge disappear from their profiles and from next to their usernames on posts.

These updates and changes reflect Musk’s vision for the platform’s evolution and how it serves its users, particularly those who opt for the paid subscription tier.

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