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Igangan-Ijesha: Location, Schools, and Other Information 2024

Igangan-Ijesha should not be confused with Igangan in Oyo State. Igangan-Ijesha, briefly called Igangan, is a community in the southwestern part of Ijeshaland bordered by neighbouring communities: Iwara to the west, Ifewara to the south, Olopon to the east, and Odogbo/Iwara territories to the north.

This article provides information that is fundamental for people to know about Igangan. The following questions are subsequently examined:

  • Where is Igangan-Ijesha?
  • How do you get to Igangan-Ijesha from Lagos and other places?

Igangan Location

Igangan-Ijesha is a community in Osun State. Igangan is not a city in Ilesha as indexed on the internet. It is a city (community) on its own but still part of Ijeshaland. Igangan has rich history that spans hundreds of years ago (History of Igangan-Ijesha)

Oke Ayeso Street in Igangan-Ijesha cr: Tadese Faforiji/TADEXPROF

Igangan is just a few miles away from Ilesha. As I have discussed above with little geographical information, it is bordered by Iwara to the west, Ifewara to the south, Olopon to the east and Odogbo/Iwara territories to the north.

You may not be able to get Igangan-Ijesha on Google Maps (now) because of the paucity of  internet information about the place. Just calmly take to this article to get to Igangan-Ijesha.

Travel to Igangan

If you are a corps member or an indigene of Igangan in diaspora, then this article is for you. You can get to Igangan through three major places: from Ilesha via Ereguru Street; from Bolorunduro Express and from Olode-Ife road.

Ereguru Street in Ilesha

Ilesha is a popular city in Osun State, no doubt. This is for someone who gets to the main city of Ilesha. If you are coming from Osogbo, Akure and others from Akure/Ilesha road, you are probably going to drop at the roundabout in Ilesha.

Take a N50 bike to Ereguru where you will take another bike to Igangan. You can actually walk to Ereguru from the roundabout, but you may take a bike because you do not know any place.

Bolorunduro Express

If you are coming from Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta and others in that line, the last bus stop is Bolorunduro Express (Iwara/Ifewara Road). Just take any bike at that junction to Igangan.

Those Okada men at that junction travel to Iwara (just before Igangan), Igangan-Ijesha, Ifewara, Owode (after Igangan), Ajumobi, Oko Ako, Ayirin Adedeji, Ayinrin Alamuye and others.

Olode-Ife Road

If you are in Ife, do not go to Olode to take Igangan transport. That is quite a long journey. Just take a bike (or a bus) to Ifewara, then from Ifewara to Igangan.

The journey is within 30 minutes from Ife to Ifewara to Igangan-Ijesha, while that of Olode-Ife road to Igangan can be over 3 hours, bad road inclusive.

I am providing all necessary information about notable places in Ijeshaland, especially the southwestern part. Use the comment box below to ask your question on this article or any other places in this region.

Schools in Igangan

Article: Schools in Igangan-Ijesha

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