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List of High Demand Jobs in Canada

List of High Demand Jobs in Canada in 2024 Due to Massive Skill Shortages

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List of High Demand Jobs in Canada : Canada, celebrated for its thriving economy and exceptional living standards, actively attracts skilled professionals worldwide to fill various positions facing a shortage of talent.

This article highlights Canada’s appeal by emphasizing competitive salaries and promising career prospects in sectors with skill gaps, showcasing the country’s dedication to cultivating a diverse and skilled workforce.

With an impressive employment rate of 62.5% (Ref), Canada offers abundant job opportunities across diverse sectors, facilitated by programs like the express entry program.

Whether starting a career or seeking advancement, Canada’s job market, known for its diversity, inclusivity, and high living standards, stands as an attractive option for those pursuing professional success.

List of High Paying Trades in Canada That are in High Demand

List of In-Demand High-Paying Trades in Canada Canada’s job landscape features well-paying roles, particularly in healthcare, technology, finance, and marketing (Ref).

This article explores lucrative jobs in Canada, focusing on positions that typically require specialized education, work experience, and training. Additionally, it is advisable to explore the 5 Highest Paying Trades in Canada with NOC codes, which often demand minimal education such as vocational training, a certificate, or prior work experience for licensure.

List of High Demand Jobs in Canada

Truck Driver (NOC Code 7511) – Average Salary: $140,352 The role of a Truck Driver (NOC Code 7511) commands an impressive average annual salary of $140,352, placing it among the top-paying trades in Canada. Entry into this field requires a minimum age of 18, a valid driver’s license for the intended vehicle class, a medical fitness examination, and often completion of a specific training program, with requirements varying by employer.

Plumber (NOC Code 7251) – Average Salary: $101,376 Plumbers (NOC Code 7251) earn an average annual salary of $101,376. Aspiring plumbers must be at least 18 years old, possess a high school diploma (or equivalent), complete a 4-5 year apprenticeship in plumbing, and obtain a provincial or territorial plumbing license.

Welder (NOC Code 7201) – Average Salary: $84,489 Welders (NOC Code 7201) have an average annual income of $84,489. Requirements include being 18 or older, holding a high school diploma (or equivalent), completing 1-2 years of welding training, and often obtaining welding certification, although this may vary based on employer needs.

Electrician (NOC Code 7241) – Average Salary: $84,139 Electricians (NOC Code 7241) earn an average yearly salary of $84,139. Entry prerequisites include a minimum age of 18, a high school diploma (or equivalent), completion of a 4-5 year electrician apprenticeship, and obtaining a provincial or territorial electrician’s license.

Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) (NOC Code 7311) – Average Salary: $83,579 Industrial Mechanics, also known as Millwrights (NOC Code 7311), earn an average annual salary of $83,579.

To pursue this career, one must be 18 or older, possess a high school diploma (or equivalent), complete a 4-5 year apprenticeship program for industrial mechanics, and possibly obtain certification as an industrial mechanic, depending on employer preference.

Top-Paying Job Occupations in Canada This section provides an overview of the highest-paying jobs in Canada, including their average salaries and necessary qualifications:

Cardiologist: $280,591, Anaesthesiologist: $358,908, Psychiatrist: $298,065 Physician: $254,847 Surgeon: $279,646 Orthodontist: $209,373 Chief Marketing Officer: $109,196, Vice President: $135,578, Software Engineering Manager: $143,044, Director of Information Technology: $117,890, Software Architect: $109,021 Enterprise Architect: $110,083 Pharmacist: $105,088, Corporate Controller: $103,056, Data Scientist: $84,630.

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These occupations underscore the importance of specialized education and training in securing high-paying positions in Canada’s competitive job market.

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