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The Middle East

The Middle East is the most strategic and shattered place in the world. Examining the significance of the region, the natural endowment of the region

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The Sokoto Caliphate

The Sokoto Caliphate was established in 1805. It was the largest state in West Africa during the 19th Century that stayed for about one hundred

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Facts, Articles Int'l Relations

Ghana Must Go: 1983 Presidential Executive Order and Deportation of Illegal Migrants from Nigeria

Ghana Must Go was a common name given to the deportation of illegal migrants, most of who are Ghanaians, from Nigeria following a presidential executive order in 1983. The Executive Order In January 1983,...

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WTF Facts

Kim Goodman: The Woman with the Biggest Eyeballs in the World

Kim Goodman is a woman that can force her eyes 12 millimetres or 0.47 inches out of her eye sockets. It is recorded that she holds the world record for...

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International Relations

The International System of the Chou Dynasty 1122BC-221BC

The international system of the Chou dynasty was arguably the first international system to exist in history. Unlike the followed international systems that existed after this Chinese system, it had...

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