You are currently viewing Poland High Demand Occupations With Polish Work VISA (Application Process)
Poland High Demand Occupations

Poland High Demand Occupations With Polish Work VISA (Application Process)

Poland High Demand Occupations
Poland High Demand Occupations

Poland High Demand Occupations: If you’ve recently graduated, possess valuable skills, are an experienced professional, or currently earn less than PLN 6130 (US$1460) monthly, this article is essential.

Poland, with a remarkably low 5.8% unemployment rate in 2023 and an attractive average salary of 6,130 PLN per month, is facing a shortage of skilled workers.

Poland High Demand Occupations

Despite its appeal, Poland prioritizes local hires, but if they can’t find suitable candidates, international workers with the right skills are in demand.

The country is particularly seeking professionals in various sectors such as construction, healthcare, and engineering.

High Demand Occupations in the Construction Sector of Poland

If you’re interested, here are some professions in high demand in Poland:

  1. Handyman
  2. Construction finishers
  3. Welders
  4. Chef
  5. Financial Auditor
  6. Engineer
  7. Doctor
  8. Agricultural Worker
  9. Midwives
  10. Turner
  11. Fitter
  12. Forklift Operator
  13. Psychologists
  14. Porter
  15. Nurses
  16. Driver

To land one of these positions, ensure you have sufficient work experience, vocational training certificates, or a relevant degree. Opportunities extend beyond construction to include roles for truck drivers, nurses, psychologists, and psychotherapists.

Poland High Demand Occupations
Poland High Demand Occupations

International job seekers can find opportunities in Poland through online job boards like,,, and Networking and contacting Polish recruitment agencies are also effective strategies.

For non-EU nationals, obtaining a Poland work visa is necessary. Types of work visas include Type A, specifically for shortage occupation jobs, and Type C/E for those employed by international companies expanding into Poland.

Freelancers can explore the NOMAD Freelance Visa for Poland, offering low entry requirements and affordable living costs.

Once you secure a job, your Polish employer usually handles the work visa application process.

Ensure your visa documents are ready, and your employer may cover the application fees.

Poland’s booming job market could be your ticket to a rewarding career and higher earnings.

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