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Russia armies

Russian-Ukraine: “Russia’s Aggression has Failed”, Zelensky says

President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia requesting security ensures from Ukraine exhibits the failure of its invasion following eight months of battling.

In his daily location on Wednesday, the Ukrainian chief said: “252 days ago, Russia requested security ensures from the US of America.

Following eight months of Russia’s supposed ‘special operation,’ the Kremlin is requesting security ensures from Ukraine.

These are to be sure striking changes.”
“It shows both the failure of Russia’s aggressiveness and how solid we are the point at which we stay joined together,” Zelensky added.

Russia armies
Russia armies

Earlier on Wednesday, Russia continued its participation in the UN-brokered grain deal that it had left days earlier, saying it had collected written security guarantees from Ukraine on demilitarizing the maritime corridor.

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In broadcast remarks, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “having gotten the important assurances from the Ukrainian side that the humanitarian route won’t be utilized for military purposes, Russia continues the execution of the grain deal.”

Biden organization proposes potential $535 million arms deal to Finland

The Biden organization supported the expected offer of roughly $535 million in Guided Multiple Land Rocket System to Finland, the State Division reported Wednesday.

The endorsement comes as Finland anticipates endorsement by Turkey and Hungary to join NATO. Helsinki’s transition to join the guard coalition was provoked by Russia’s conflict in Ukraine — Finland shares an 800-mile line with Russia.

“This proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security of the United States by improving the security of a trusted partner, which is an important force for political stability and economic progress in Europe.

It is vital to the U.S. national interest to assist Finland in developing and maintaining a strong and ready self-defense capability,” the notice from the State Department said.

“Finland intends to use these defense articles and services to increase its national stock, bolstering the land and air defense capabilities in Europe’s northern flank,” it said. “The elevated national stock is critical to Finland’s defense and deterrence due to the deteriorated security situation in Europe.”

Ukraine claims it hit critical Russian military system in Kherson

Ukrainian authorities say that the military has struck a significant objective in the southern district of Kherson, but pro-Russian authorities keep on pressing people to leave.

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Serhii Khlan, an individual from the Kherson Regional Council, said that Ukrainian powers hit the Russian air safeguard system near the arena in Kherson city. Those systems have likewise been utilized to shell Mykolaiv, some of the time with devastating impact.

Khlan posted a photo purportedly showing the “remains of equipment.”

Khlan said that there had been further hits in the area of the Antonivskyi bridge, where Russian forces together with the pro-Russian administration have been operating ferries and pontoon bridges to resupply the west bank, where thousands of Russian troops remain.

He expressed that in the city of Kakhovka — on the east bank of river Dnipro — the three streets closest to the river were being forcibly evacuated. He said that the Russians “in the city are digging in, setting up concrete trenches.”

Khlan said that the Russians “are digging in on the east bank, in preparation for defense, thinking that this makes our offensive impossible.

But the resistance movement with the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not stop fighting.”

Khlan made a repetition of what other Ukrainian officials have asserted: that the Russian-backed authorities are out of the city of Kherson — which is on the west bank — to set up an office in the city of Skadovsk, which is closer to Crimea.

“As for the immediate and compulsory “evacuation” called for by the Russians, our people will not go anywhere. If the local ones have no opportunity to go to the de-occupied [Ukrainian-held] territory or decided to stay at home, they definitely do not want to go to Russia,” Khlan said.

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