I am Tadese Faforiji (Tadexprof Teddy), a social media expert, manager, and content creator. As much as I have passion for media, I am more passionate about creating hope for the elderly throughout Nigeria.

Therefore, As I am working with agencies and companies for their media works, I travel across Nigeria to create awareness about taking care of the elderly through #TourismforElders campaign in my established NGO, History Castle Media.

I am therefore available to work full-time or part-time with my clients provided that have space for the personal development of their workers.

I am professional and the assets I have managed are my evidence! I will be the brand of the company/business and contribute to the growth with media.

Ongoing and Finished Projects

  • Christina Michelle J Branding Agency, USA [Content Creator and Assistant]
  • Shulifang Biotechnoly FZE, Ibeju Lekki (Digital Marketer)
  • BTF Edible Oil FZE (Digital Marketer)
  • Always Crime Story (YouTube Video Editor and SEO Specialist)
  • Department of History, AAUA (Student Media Manager)

Post content and developed websites including

  1. TADEXPROF.com (This site)
  2. CMB web: https://christinamichellebrand.com/
  3. Bella Bean Pet website: https://bellabeanupdate.com/
  4. DandJAuto Website: https://dandjautomobile.com/
  5. Viral Media Marketing Agency: https://viralmedia.com.ng/
  6. History Castle Media.org: https://historycastlemedia.com.ng/
  7. And many more!

History Castle Media, Nigeria [Content Creator]

November 2021– Present

  • Created history content, including explorations, facts and stories on social media pages
  • Travel to places to cover NGO campaigns

Facebook and Instagram Assets