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UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Masters)

UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Masters) Apply For Free

Colfuturo Partner Award: COLFUTURO, a Colombian non-profit foundation established in 1991 with backing from the National Government and key private sector companies, aims to enhance opportunities for Colombian citizens to pursue high-quality postgraduate programs abroad by providing financial support.

To be eligible, applicants must be Colombian postgraduate students enrolled at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Starting from September 2020, new COLFUTURO beneficiaries at UEA can enjoy tuition fee reductions:

UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Masters)
UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Masters)
  1. One master’s student selected by COLFUTURO each year may receive a 100% scholarship for UEA tuition fees.
  2. Other UEA master’s COLFUTURO students are eligible for a 25% discount on UEA tuition fees.
  3. PhD COLFUTURO students can avail of a 20% tuition fee discount for each year of study, up to three years.

The application is open to COLFUTURO beneficiaries enrolling at UEA from September 2020 onwards, with one master’s student annually nominated by COLFUTURO for a full UEA tuition fee scholarship.

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