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University of Bergen

21 PhD Degree-Fully Funded at University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway

University of Bergen: The University of Bergen in Norway is currently offering a range of Fully Funded PhD programs across various departments. Here’s a summary of the available positions:

  1. PhD Research Fellow in Microbial Ecology: Investigating mechanisms regulating biodiversity and food web functions in microbial communities.
  2. PhD Research Fellow in Parasitology/Immunology: Studying host-parasite interaction between salmon and salmon lice, with a focus on developing DNA vaccines against lice infestation.
  3. PhD Position in Wearables and Sensor Data Analysis: Researching dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) using wearable devices to identify digital biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis.
  4. PhD Research Fellow in Speleothem-based Paleoclimate Research: Developing and improving methods for climate reconstructions using speleothems.
  5. PhD Research Fellow in Applied and Computational Mathematics: Investigating fundamental fluid mechanics topics through theoretical modeling and numerical simulations.
  6. PhD: Development and Application of Machine Learning for Downscaling Climate Predictions/Projections: Using machine learning to develop computationally efficient emulators of regional climate models.
  7. PhD Research Fellow in Quality Enhancing Mathematics Education: Studying collaborative learning in mathematics to improve learning outcomes.
  8. PhD Research Fellow in Pure Mathematics: Conducting advanced research in algebra, algebraic geometry, analysis, and topology.
  9. PhD Research Fellow in the Early Archean Terrestrial Sulfur Cycle: Investigating the terrestrial sulfur cycle in the early Archean eon.
  10. PhD Position at the Department of Foreign Languages: Completing a PhD degree in foreign languages with teaching and dissemination responsibilities.
  11. 1 PhD Position at the Faculty of Law: Researching the trustworthy use of AI in education while adhering to EU/EEA rules on privacy and data protection.
  12. PhD-position at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care: Analyzing data from health registers to identify new treatment options for cervical cancer.
  13. PhD Position in Systems or Computer Science: Conducting research at the Centre for Complex Conditions and Ageing.
  14. PhD Research Fellow in Quaternary Geology and Palaeoclimate: Investigating glacial geology and changes in glacier dynamics in the Himalayas.
  15. PhD Research Fellow in Statistics/Probability Theory: Pursuing advanced research in statistics and probability theory.
  16. PhD Research Fellowship in the Modern History of the Middle East: Rethinking the history of the modern Middle East with a focus on marginalized areas.
  17. PhD Research Fellow in Organometallic and Homogeneous Catalysis: Developing catalysts for sustainable ammonia production.
  18. PhD Research Fellow in Cell Biology–Proteostasis Network Control of Multiprotein Complexes Lifecycle: Investigating proteostasis control and the lifecycle of multiprotein complexes.
  19. PhD-position at Department of Clinical Science: Identifying new treatment options for aggressive cervical cancer subtypes.
  20. PhD Research Fellowship in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the intersection of philosophy and artificial intelligence.
  21. PhD Research Fellow in Machine Learning and Geomatics on Natural Hydrocarbon Seepage: Using machine learning to map oil slicks in the North Sea.

These positions offer fully funded opportunities for eligible candidates to pursue doctoral research at the University of Bergen. Deadline for applications varies for each position.

For more details and to apply, visit the official website of the University of Bergen.

University of Bergen
University of Bergen

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