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Getting ready for boat cruise in Eleyele Lake

Visit Eleyele Lake, Ibadan

Ibadan is not known for water bodies like Lagos. This is why Eleyele Lake is arguably the best when talking about water bodies in Ibadan. Eleyele is situated in the North-west of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria at an “altitude of 125 m above sea-level and between 7°25’00’ and 7°26’30’N latitudes and 3°51’00’ and 3°52’30’E longitudes”

Eleyele Lake
Eleyele Lake – We try pedal boats, so fun!

One of the most challenging things is getting to this lake. We asked several people around Agbowo side, but no one knew the place. We used our common sense, ‘if the name is Eleyele Lake, then it should be in Eleyele Street or area of Ibadan.’ We headed for Eleyele and when we got to the area, we asked for the lake and finally someone pointed the place to us.

Amazing to all tourists, please do not call it lake to these locals. It can be confusing. Just tell them you are going to Eleyele Water where tourists come for relaxation. Then you are there already!

The place, as differed from complaints on the internet, has been developed recently by a private company, an entertainment cruise.

Tourism is not just for fun, we are using tourism to create hope for all the abandoned elders in the streets of Nigeria. Support our mission through our TourismforElders campaign.

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