These days, studying the past becomes laborious and tiring tasks with the use of numerous statistical information, social media platforms, and others, which create confusion rather than precise and the needed facts. In order to put paid to this, Tadexprof was birthed.  

Tadexprof is a website that concerns itself with historical explorations, discovery, travels, and tours.

Aims, Objectives, and Clarifications. 
  • To examine Nigerian history in presentations, articles, archaeological findings, linguistic and geographical analyses.  

According to the Yoruba adage, “Ile la ti nkeso r’ode” which means charity begins at home. Our fatherland, Nigeria becomes a prime of this website. Series of articles and examinations are used in examining Nigeria’s past. Fortunately, the thrusts of this platform traverse the borders of Nigeria. 

  •   As expected from a history platform, the histories of other countries and continents are notably prioritized. There are categories covering African, European, American History, and others.                     
  • Strange World (where shocking stories and strange history are related), Historic Poems (where poems are written for historic events, myths, tales, folklore, and heroes), Tourism, and Discovery are among categories on this platform. Tadexprof Team embarks on tours and gives lengthy reports about a particular place, ethnic group, immediate history, culture, and others. At this juncture, it is pertinent to know that videos are also made available on Tadexprof YouTube Channel.  This also helps in providing needed information about a particular place. For now, Nigeria is the area of our study and gradually we shall move to the wider world.  
  • The reality, a category on the platform, reveals the real story behind an immediate report of trends, situations, or events. It digs deep to provide the facts behind any ongoing reports, events, or situations- Immediate History. 


Tadexprof was founded on April 06, 2021, by Faforiji Tadese Obaloluwa, a student in the Department of History and International Studies, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko. He is also the founder of the Tadexprof Foundation and Tademedia. He calls himself “a black man to the core.”

As examined above, Tadexprof shall tremendously serve Nigerian students particularly and the world in general to be the best, authentic and scholarly platform to learn history.