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2021 Matriculation Day in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko

An Overview of the Beating Tradition during Celebration

Beating during celebrations has become a tradition for youths of the present generation. People engage in this, as a way to show merriment and to celebrate with the celebrant.

Beating Tradition

Beating during the celebration is an act that is rampant among the youths, most especially, students of tertiary institutions. It is done as a means to celebrate a person, especially during their birthdays, matriculations, convocations and others.

It is an act that is considered obnoxious despite the celebration and merriment embedded with it.
Beating an innocent celebrant whose plan is to enjoy with the utmost effervescence of the day has been considered inglorious, unpleasant and barbaric by many students, and other academicians on campus.

Every student on their party day is entitled to effervescence and enjoy the euphoria that accompanies the day.

The youths in their discreet see this as an exuberant method to celebrate their loved ones and colleagues.

AAUA 2021 matric
2021 Matriculation Day in
Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko.
The new students are being beaten by old students

A celebration is a moment that ought to be enjoyed and followed by cheerful activities. As a celebrant on his/her party anticipates to be celebrated in a grand style.
This seems to be unattainable as celebrants are beaten, run after and wet with dirty water, even mixed with pepper, palm oil and the likes.

It is important to state that, not all celebrants like to be beaten at their parties. As seen in many matriculations on campus, few of the celebrants who are beaten sometimes cried bitterly, imagining how the people, despite their dislike for such, treat them like culprits (thieves), caught in sugar cane garden.

Matriculation day is a day where students mostly exhibit this barbaric act. As a student admitted to tertiary institutions, elation fills his/ her heart in anticipation of the day, but the reverse is the case as they are being welcomed by beatings.

The staylites, as they call old students, knock on their door to fish them out and beat them ruthlessly and mercilessly, not considering the health issues of some of them before bullying and harassing them.

The Implications

Examining the act, it is doleful to some students while some see it as merriment and celebration. Most of the victims have complained and mourned about the act but no one is ready to listen to their wailing as they believe it is a social norm of the present times.

If anyone witnesses any kind of these beating events, he would be stunned and feel rueful on how the freshers/ celebrants are being beaten. It is a deplorable act, flagrant and offensive that some students went sick after the day.

It is obvious that the act is exasperating, while some see it as merriment and enjoyment of the day.

For an instance, on the 2021 matriculation day in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, a student in annoyance went to complain about this act, and many new students cried in the process.

To celebrate the loved ones, it is honourable and acceptable to observe it with a propitious and benevolent attitude by presenting gifts to them and exhibiting blissful act that portrays celebration rather than bullying.

It is confirmed that some students have fallen victim of havoc or the other while trying to run away from this bullying.

During a time of celebration in Osun State Polytechnic Iree, a student while trying to run away from beating, was recorded to have fallen inside the well which led to his death.
This unarguably caused a melancholic ambience to his family rather than happiness that ought to follow after graduation.

The culture has been in existence for a long time and while taking a vivid examination, it’s not a culture to exist for a long period of time or become a norm. Beating is made for someone who engages in a criminal act, violates the given rules and regulations, and not for celebrations.

The act should be nipped in the bud and not be established in society because of the havocs that accompany it.


In order to eliminate this kind of inglorious norm, tertiary institutions where this act is rampant should make declarations against the act and students that fall victim should be used as scapegoats.

If any of the beaten victims fell sick or fainted from a beating, the beaters should be charged N500, 000.00 each by the university or they should be expelled. In this case, victims are to choose one, either to pay the money or leave the campus.

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An Overview of the Beating Culture during Celebration

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