Category - Discovery

As I travel to many local places, I write stories of strange people, cultures, and places in this category. These are facts that are weird and very surprising to the core. Sometimes it can be a culture to appreciate or a strange occurrence.

In this category, also, stories of local talents that are not on the internet are published here. This is to appreciate their efforts to make the world a better place with their engagements.

I travel to local places to write about their unpopular history. While I make history articles out of the oral tradition, I write surprising discoveries in the Discovery Category.

This can be in their interpretation of normal occurrences, their dressing, food and others.  The first article to make it here is about a river in a local place in southwest Ijeshaland, Ayinrin Alamuye. 

I am dedicated to exploring the facts about the indigenous people, especially in the southwestern part of Ijeshaland whose things are not known.