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Tadese Faforiji

I am Tadese Ismael Obaloluwa FAFORIJI, Muslim, Yoruba, a student of History, reality blogger, presenter, and budding writer. I established TADEXPROF on April 6, 2021, to basically serve as a platform where I will be advancing my duckling skill by writing history articles on the website. 

Tadese Faforiji: My Early Life

I was born on May 31, 2000, to a royal family of Adeoye, Clement Oyebode Faforji in Ayinrin Alamuye, Atakunmosa East Local Government, Osun State, Nigeria. My father, then the Loja of Alamuye, was a father and mum used to be a farmer, and a petty trader also.

I attended Toluwani Nursery and Primary School in Ayinrin Alamuye before the school later folded up and joined a new school, For Better Tomorrow Group of School (FBTS). I formally had my primary education at For Better Tomorrow School (FBTS) in Ayinrin Alamuye. I graduated in 2011 at the age of 11.

I then proceeded to Ayinrin Adedeji Grammar School in 2011 for my Junior School Certificate (JSS), and later Igangan Community Grammar School, Igangan-Ijesha for my High School which I graduated in 2017.

When I was in JSS 2, I lost my Dad at the age of 12. That was August 17, 2012. It was the most terrible moment in my early days. I used to enjoy the days when he was alive, especially in terms of financial provision and others

Sometimes I was the only person who would be able to purchase specific textbooks in my class. Things turned to the other side when he died. I started to see myself as a man for himself because I did not want Mama to feel bad when we were hopeless.

I just relieved them at home by almost feeding myself from the money I made from the farm. Sometimes, I also helped with little amount at home. An untold story here!

I formally moved to Igangan on January 31, 2014, and started High School the following year. During my studentship at Igangan Community Grammar School, I served with the Volunteers Service Overseas (VSO) from Britain, Germany and Canada which partnered with Igangan-Ijesha in what they called ‘Agrarian Togetherness’.

In the Igangan-Canada scheme, I was one of the Community Citizens Service Volunteers, served with my colleagues like Timothy Ojo, Kunle Fasansi and others with overseas volunteers like Teddy Searight, and others. 

At the time of writing this information, I am a student of History at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Tadese Faforiji: Career

I love blogging. My style of blogging is a unique one, different from what comes to a layman’s mind when we talk about bloggers. I am a Reality Blogger. I call myself a Reality Blogger because I love to deal with everything that is real, realistic and factual. I hate lies to the core.

My second profile picture on TADEXPROF.

My love to be a good writer, a better historian, and a fact explorer influenced my decision to choose what I have a passion for which is blogging

When I began to imagine the gradual improvement my writing skills when I got to 200L (part 2), I started to think of solving the issues of false information on the internet, especially in the field of history with simple but understandable articles.

Tadese Faforiji: Local History

I love Africa and I began to write many things about African history. Specifically, I so much cherish Nigerian history to the extent that I once thought of deleting all categories on my website to remain a major category, Nigerian History.

Tadese Faforiji (left) beside the Asawo of Igangan-Ijesha during his Odun Ifa festival in Igangan in 2021. cr: Kazeem Munir/TADEXPROF

I travel to local places and I prefer to write the raw history (from oral tradition) of these local places on my history website than going on the internet and searching for history topics to write on. I think every place in Nigeria deserves to have its history up there for its posterity to see and the world to appreciate.

IMG 20220726 090528
Tadese Faforiji at the Ejiogbe-Ibile Stone Carvings Gallery in Inisa, Osun State, Nigeria.

My First History Article

The first ‘local history’ I went to write down is the History of Igangan-Ijesha. I went to the palace of the Loye of Igangan-Ijesha, Oba Adetomiwa Lucas through my area brother. After many efforts to see him, it was successful one day.

He told me a lot but my little knowledge of history did not allow me to ask more reasonable questions. I knew I needed to hear more, but I never knew how to demand more in a cute way just like historians do.

Every time, I think I need more, but I never stop writing my nonsense. I always knew there are ways for me to pass through to be a better historian and a celebrated Reality Blogger, but I never wait for any time as a perfect time in my life. I blog and write always.

Tadese Faforiji with Prince Kehinde Olabode (left, seating) during an interview session he had with me at the Ejiogbe Cultural Centre, Inisa
Tadese Faforiji with Prince Kehinde Olabode (left, seating) during an interview session he had with me at the Ejiogbe Cultural Centre, Inisa

I published the story of Igangan-Ijesha on July 24, 2020, on Ayomite Media because I never had a blog then. People began to call the publisher, Ayomiotan Ojo, to ask for more information about Igangan-Ijesha, like some were looking for their compound families in Igangan and others including chieftaincy titles and functions in Igangan-Ijesha.

In addition, some lecturers (of history) from the University of Ibadan went to meet Kabiyesi to demand a hard copy of the work and work on it, the Kabiyesi told them to work on theirs because it belongs to one small boy in the community.  

It should have been easy for the people to get it on the website but I locked the content immediate I opened my blog and published the original content on it.

I actually knew I was locking rubbish because of my writing skill which was (and still) growing. But I cherish the fact that I first wrote the piece on the internet.

I later went back to Igangan to explore more facts about them. I wrote about the Ajo-Ilu community assembly and the 9 historic and extended compounds in Igangan.

 Today, my articles still dominate searches on Igangan-Ijesha on different blogs, Facebook posts and others. My goal is to get the entire region of southwest Ijeshaland to the far Olode-Ife on the internet to help researchers, and most especially the people of these beautiful communities in case of the future.

My Varsity Story

That I later made it to the university is a mystery. After graduating from Igangan Grammar School in 2017, I began to feel hopeless because there was no fund to cater for my school. I lived with my sister in Igangan-Ijesha then from 2015 – 2018 and it remains a home till now.

I worked with a newly established school as a teacher in Igangan-Ijesha, Ben Nursery and Primary School, Igangan-Ijesha almost throughout 2018 until late September when I started to prepare for Adekunle Ajasin University.

I made my JAMB fee from Ben School and started to think it would work even though I never knew how but I believe in Allah. I remember I prayed so dearly, supplicated during my Solat and others.

Today (at the time of writing this article), I am a 300L student of History at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko. I see this as a privilege, mercy from Allah to a bush boy “who never stepped out of the village until he got admission”. Believing in oneself is indeed the foundation of success.

 I’m very happy to meet new friends like Dhikrullah Obansa, Victor Precious Omolusi, Abdul-Azeez Muhammed, DayoMicael Olowolafe, Adedokun Boluwatife, Islamiyah Badmus and others.

My Faith: Islam

My religion is Islam; I am a Muslim. Sometimes I work on other faiths, especially that of the traditional religion, and my works remain an expression of my history profession which have nothing to do with my faith. I later established three blogs with different but related niches to TADEXPROF.

The other blogs are (for business promotions) and (for posting history facts). Currently, I use this platform to express my learning and carry out local research.

This includes writing about traditional cultures, deities and other core Yoruba rituals. My appreciation of these values is only academic, it does not reflect my faith, Islam. In other words, my name should not be confused with any religion. I am a Muslim. I love the history of Islam in Africa also.


My goals are so simple: to be an educated person with innumerable achievements, an impactful Reality Blogger, and a philanthropist with the largest philanthropic scheme in Africa which will simply be aimed at helping students and the aged in our society. May Allah make it easy for me!


  • Ironu ni Ibere gbogbo nkan (It all starts from thinking)

Experience with People

  • Mr Kasumu Sodiq
  • Mr Godwin Tony Alaje
  • Dr Sunday Abraham Ogunode
  • Dr Adedamola Adetiba
  • Dr (Mrs) Daniels  and
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Tadese Faforiji

I am Tadese Faforiji, a history student of the prestigious Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State- 21st-century University, properly called. I am a blogger and an avid writer.