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2021 Article: Magical Performances: An Overview

“They purchase magic with soul, not with money” (Dr Aminu) 

Magic and different sorts of topics surrounding it are immensely prominent, especially in this contemporary era. Thousands of millions of people indulge in magic under the pretext of safeguarding self, healing, and all sorts which majorly head to economic value.

In order words, magicians will have a reason or reasons for indulging in these deeds that several people now cherish. However, this article seeks to examine the use of magic and perceptions of religions from a pragmatic perspective. 

Magic (Sihr in Arabic, Idan in Yoruba) linguistically, it’s an act that turns a thing away from its nature. Magic may involve the use of amulets, incantations, knotting and others to affect occurrences like sickness, abnormalities, astonishing occurrences and others.  


Obviously, magic is an illusion; they appear to human sense as a factual occurrence. Typically, magic is an odd thing in Islam and also was a disordered strategy in the world society at large. 

The Jalabis and the Babalawos are among the people who engage in magic. Also in Yoruba land, powerful people sacrifice something for the jins in return for magical power which has no reality but a mere fleeting illusion.

For instance, demanding names of people for special prayer or commanding occurrence attached to a particular period of time or demanding for series of paraphernalia like duck, hair, fingernails, for special prayer and all sorts, are all relating to magic. Magicians also could use heavenly bodies like stars and the moon. 

Admittedly magic may have an effect on the life of the charmed people, but this would appear to the people as if it was actually real. 

Servants of one God should not involve in magic. In an occurrence where an individual or people use magic in creating occurrences like changing something, flying, commanding spirits and all sorts, such performers, in reality, are far from God, the truth

Conclusively, magic is typically an odd thing in society and a harmful performance. 

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