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Anna and Lucy DeCinque:

Anna and Lucy DeCinque ‘We’re the world’s ‘most identical’ twins – we share a fiancé

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, identical twin sisters, are known as the ‘most identical twins in the world’.

They do everything together, sharing every moment of their lives, from using the bathroom to spending time with their fiancé. The sisters even consider themselves as one person and often speak in unison or finish each other’s sentences.

They have an extraordinary bond and even work the same job, with one sister earning a salary and the other volunteering. Their lives are incredibly intertwined, and they go to great lengths to maintain their identical appearances, including getting the same plastic surgeries and wearing matching clothes. They are even particular about their meals, weighing out food to ensure they eat identical portions.

The sisters star in their own TLC show called “Extreme Sisters,” where they share their unique relationship with the world. They have been dating their fiancé, Ben, for 11 years, and he fully understands and supports their need to be together all the time. Ben is also a twin, and they met him on Facebook, where he showed genuine interest and respect for their bond.

Anna and Lucy have dreams of becoming pregnant at the same time and have expressed their desire to support each other through that journey. They believe that as long as the child is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. Their fiancé, Ben, is supportive of the idea and appreciates the love and connection he shares with both sisters.

While many people admire their close relationship, not everyone is as accepting. However,

Anna and Lucy believe that love is love, and they are not hurting anyone with their lifestyle. They have a significant following on Instagram, where they share glimpses of their daily life and experiences.

Recently, the sisters celebrated their 35th birthday, wearing matching red dresses and expressing their joy in being together. They believe that being inseparable is what makes them happy, and they are thankful to have found a partner like Ben, who understands and respects their unique bond.

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