Category - Place

Articles and other facts about different places, especially local places are published in the Place Category.

Popular places that have already been updated on several websites are not the goal of this category, but those local places whose stories cannot be found on the internet.

The aim of establishing this category is to write about local places that are not popular. In the case of major trends and situations, or in a case of need for clarifications of other publications on the website, we publish popular places if needed.

We started with the location of Igangan-Ijesha in Osun State, Nigeria. We hope to cover all the historical articles of many local places starting from Orogoji, near Ilesha to Faforiji, very close to Olode-Ife.

Moreover, as I am travelling to many places,  I also upload my experience about those places in this category.

If you want me to examine a place, kindly state the place using the comment section below any article published in this category. I can share with you my own experience if I have been to the place.