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Inisa is a city in Osun State in the south-western Nigeria. It is in the Yoruba cultural and ethnic region of the country, and is a trading center for cocoa and other agricultural products grown in the surrounding area. Its population as of 2007 was 180,553.

Inisa Town Hall
Inisa Town Hall

Brief History of Inisa

Inisa had been from time immemorial, a warrior community. She was deeply involved in the struggle for the survival of Yoruba race during the period of internecine wars and particularly, during the onslaught and incursions of the Fulani into Yorubaland in the 19th Century.

Inisa people participated actively in the series of the wars. They fought in the Osogbo war of 1840, the Jalumi War of 1878, the Ofa war (1886-1890) and the Daparu war.

The Ofa war resulted from the desire of Ilorin-fulani to avenge their defeat at the Jalumi on Ofa and the neighboring towns(The war was fought during the reign king of Oba Oloyede Ojo, Otepola 1.

They laid siege on Ofa for several years before Ofa was eventually sacked around 1890. The Daparu war resulted from the sack and fall of Ofa. The Fulani now desired to sack all the towns and villages between Ofa and Osogbo and bring them under the rule of the Fulani of Ilorin.

They continued to attacks, raid and wage wars on the people. Only Inisa was brave and courageous enough to face the Fulani forces, as the other towns and villages were deserted, seeking refuge at Ibadan war camp in Ikirun.

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Cultural Centre in Inisa

Ejiogbe Cultural Centre (Museum) is located Jinadu Olabode Avenue, Ejiogbe Area, Odo-Otin, Inisa, Nigeria. Address of Ejiogbe Cultural Centre is Plot 4 Jinadu Olabode Avenue, Ejiogbe Area, Inisa, Nigeria.

Ejiogbe Twins of Inisa

The cultural center is managed by the Ejiogbe twins of Odo-Otin area, Ekunkun, Inisa, Osun State, Nigeria.

Ejiogbe twins are Prince Taiwo and Kehinde Olabode of Ejiogbe Cultural Centre, Inisa.

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The Ejiogbe-Ibile Stone Carvings Gallery, Ejiogbe Cultural Centre, Inisa. The person in this picture is Prince Kehinde Olabode, one of the Ejiogbe twins

The Ejiogbe twins are the owners and managers of the Ejiogbe-Ibile Stone Carvings Gallery, Ejiogbe Cultural Centre, Inisa. They are carvers, traditional medical practitioners, painters, dancers, craftsmen and farmers.

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