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“Knacked by the Roadside for N200k”: Detrimental Effects of Prank Videos on Nigerians

Prank videos and other related comic skits are the most profound form of comedy, especially in Nigeria right now. Quite cool to the watchers, I wonder that stuff that deserves to be laughed about in Nigeria.

In the wake of unemployment and terrible joblessness, many Nigerians have turned to comedians in the line because it is the most lucrative line right now, evidently.

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A Prankster ridicules a lady in a viral video on Facebook,
asking his followers to share. cr: Tadexprof

Prank videos can be cool, not every time but sometimes. And prank videos that establish the facts in our society are cooler. Those ones that call out our situations and tend to remedy it by providing a way out in form of awareness and others are the coolest.

Prank: Clarification

Prank, in its obsolete meaning, is “an evil deed; a malicious trick, an act of cruel deception.” Verily, according to many publications, dictionaries and other scholarly academic works, it is a mere practical joke, or otherwise a mischievous trick.

Prank: Naija Prankster

Prank videos flooded social media platforms; especially Facebook during the Covid-19 period in 2020 when the whole country was locked down, and social gathering was banned in order to curtail the spread of the virus.

Pranksters took to social media platforms to create laughable content about the virus.

In reality, their contents eased the general public about the virus because people were very scared about the virus, until they released funny contents and people began to doubt the existence of the virus in reality or its fast spread.

Prank Error

A lot of pranksters in Nigeria do not really know how to attend to their contents very well. In other words, they want to create what will make people laugh only, not what will reflect any other thing like the reality in Nigeria.

In a prank video released by a Nigerian prankster titled thus: “lady agreed to be knacked by the roadside for 200k.” I was very curious. All what I wanted to know was that the lady’s face should not be shown in the video, if the video was not staged as some of the pranksters do.

This lady though agreed to have an intercourse by the roadside with the prankster (not knowing it was a prank), but the guy asked her why she wanted to do it. The lady cried bitterly that she needed money; therefore, the prankster gave him 100K and advised her rather. He also let us know that Nigeria is now hard! I pray he should have deleted the video, anyway.

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A comment from a Facebook user condemning the Prank Video

Quite cool, he gave money to this girl and let us know the country is hard, but the video should not have been posted in the first place.

The video has a lot of implications. What message is he sending to the lady’s parents, boyfriend/fiancée, friends, mates and the entirely Nigeria? “She is a whore who can do anything for money, right?”

Our pranksters are losing their sense and they’re gradually left with empty brains, I mean emptiness, though some of them are still quite cool, roughly. In many prank videos I have watched, I condemned some, but seem like they are growing wings every day with unfortunate contents.

Some pranksters are making use of people in military uniform to act. After coercing me with a soldier in the name of prank, you will now tell me, “sorry brother, it was a prank?” Prank kill u dat day!

Many people cry heavily in many prank videos I watch because of fear. Those actors act as if it was real! And when they cook a story against them, they feel like “brother please God will not implicate you” with tears coming down from their face. How brutish, uncultured and irrational can this be?

Imagine someone pranks your mum in a market to run as to avoid bomb explosion and she falls down on the road; imagine your sister passes out because of a fake gunshot; or imagine you jump into a river, sustain injury because a (fake) mad man is coming with a cutlass. We create little pranks for ourselves when we are under a national prank. What an ironical generation of ours.

Reality Prank

Even though some of the so-called pranks are staged, please celebrate the reality in our society. Nigeria needs everyone to be involved, not just pushing the issues to politicians alone.

You make living with the lies? Then try to create needful awareness about Nigeria’s situation. Nigeria wants the involvement of everyone.

Some of our celebrities run away from politics and the fact is that it affects them when those sets of people come on board. Then they start to shout “Naija why now?!”

This is the very time you raise campaign about your people, politicians of reliable trust before sets of ‘promisers’ lead the people astray. Create reality content, create a better Nigeria.


Tadese Faforiji

I am Tadese Faforiji, a history student of the prestigious Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State- 21st-century University, properly called. I am a blogger and an avid writer.