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Annie Hawkins

Started Using Bra at 10: Annie Hawkins, the World’s Biggest Natural Breast Owner

Annie Hawkins is currently the woman with the biggest natural breast in the world. Annie Hawkins is an American woman that resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Annie Hawkins started using a bra at age 10.

Despite its weird condition, she lived joyfully and she’s recorded to be quiet. She has a son.

Some interviews with her on the internet has revealed that she’s married to her late husband Alan, “I was like a Barbie doll, with more sizes than him.

He treated me like a queen. He loved me and he loved my children. He was my angel, it was not just $3xual. I lived very, very dark days, and God really came to me.

I really think my husband was my angel. He kissed me, taught me to love myself, she said. “

Annie’s Breasts at 10

She revealed that she must pay attention to the way the breasts go down, she’s always cautious whenever she wants to rise from bed. Annie Hawkins was forced to wear her first bra when she was 10 years.

In an interview recorded online, she disclosed that she was born like that, and no one can change the fact that she doesn’t meet the standard of society.

Annie Hawkins aka “Norma Stitz” has become a model. And she took pictures for adult sites. On his photos, Annie says:

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I showed people that you can be ‘$3xy’ in your way. This is not ashamed, I’m an artist. I speak, I am your fantasy. When I speak, it is because ‘there are things in your mind that you want to do for me. But in reality, you would have never met. “

In the interview, she affirmed that she has always been teased by people and she’s coping with it. She said she believes she’s a human being like others and there’s no difference.

‘Though, This has affected my son as he’s aware of what is happening to me” she said. She said some people want to imitate her but it’s not possible, that she’s different.

“I had a permanent tooth against life. Life was different. But I have learned to embrace it. I like to live. “

Despite the setbacks, she said with a love for God, her husband and her own self-esteem and love” she said.

The breast and its size

Annie’s breast is with physical extraordinaire, 51 kg of weight for both breasts (one breast measure 109, 22 cm and the other is 177, 8 cm), with a size of bra 102 ZZZ. Both breasts together weigh 51 kg.

One breast measures109.22 cm (43 PO) and the second breast measures 177.8 cm (70 PO) on the breast nipple. The breast is heavy as an average 4-year-old child’s.


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