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Daniel Abodunrin and the Lion 1991

Who is Daniel Abodunrin?

Daniel Abodunrin was a pastor in Ibadan around the 1990s. Ibadan city in Oyo State is the largest city in Nigeria and the third largest in Africa. It is home to many historical happenings in Nigeria before and during the colonial era. Ibadan became the first city to have a university in Nigeria when the colonial masters established the University of Ibadan in 1948.

One of the most famous features of this great citadel of learning is its Zoological Garden, which is one of the oldest in the country (1). As expected there were several animals in the zoo ranging from carnivores to herbivores. Visitation to the zoo without seeing animals like lions, elephants, and others would be unsatisfactory.

Daniel and the Lion

On that fateful day, it was said to be a festive period when people stormed the zoo to see sorts of animals. Lions in zoos attract considerable numbers of people because of their uniqueness and mighty. Among the Yorubas, it was referred to as the king of animals.

Among tens of people who came to feed their eyes was a man, Daniel Abodunrin who had a furtive agenda in his visitation to the zoo to resurface the historic biblical story of how “Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den and came out unharmed”.

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Therefore, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin also wished to recreate the biblical episode as he set to enter the lions’ cage. Hmm! After gaining entry to the cage, which was not without persuasion and disturbances, Mr Daniel entered the cage. Another account stated that he sneaked into the cage.

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The prophet and the Lion, pic by Abiyamo

 As he entered the cage he started to be speaking in tongues calling the God of Daniel to perform wonders (like he had performed during the time of the biblical Daniel). Wonders happened as the lions at first maintained distance from this prophet of God, just to examine the uncommon phenomenon in their environment.


At once, the lions pounced on him and the struggle began. After minutes of struggling with the lions to save his life, the people of this unfortunate prophet later came, demanded, and parked the remains of this holy man for burial.

Citation: Tadese Faforiji. How Prophet ‘Daniel’ Was Killed, Eaten By Lions At The University of Ibadan (UI) Zoo in 1991. (April 19, 2021) Retrieved from in a new tab)

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