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Facts about Frank Lentini, the Three-Legged Man

Who is Frank Lentini?

Francesco ‘Frank’ Lentini, May 18, 1889- Sept. 21, 1966, was a Sicilian-American, a sideshow performer who was born with a parasitic twin (1); he had three legs which all almost functioned perfectly well.

When Lentini was born, his parents were initially disgraced because they saw what seemed to them as an abnormal occurrence. Therefore, they gave him to his uncle’s wife for guidance.

When Lentini was fourth months old, a specialist in Naples examined his medical condition, and when he was five years old, he could straighten the third leg to some extent but was not totally able to maximize its use normally like the other ‘front’ legs.

In many pictures that are available on the internet about Lentini, the third leg was either raised or put on a place where he could place the leg upon. Many sources even claim that he was able to use the leg to some extent; he used the third leg to hit football and so on like he was referred to as ‘Three-Legged Football Player’

His Legs’ Formation

The sizes of the three legs varied from one another; while one was 39 inches and the other was 38 inches, the third was 36 inches with clubfoot. In the pictorial exhibition, Lentini usually bent or rested on the third leg at the bag posing a kind of female-like photoshoot like a ready participant of a beauty pageant.

Career and Death

He ventured into the slideshow business as The Great Lentini and he worked with several prominent personalities. Frank married Theresa Murray and had four children: Josephine, Natale, Francesco Jnr, and Giacomo.

He and his wife became separated in 1935, and he began a new living with Helen Shupe till he died of lung failure on September 21, 1966, at the age of 77.

Frank Lentini: Interesting Facts

Here are five facts about Frank Lentini, the Three-Legged Man:

  1. Lentini was born in 1889 in Rosolini, Italy, with a rare condition called ischiopagus triplets, which caused him to have three legs, four feet, and two sets of genitals.
  2. Lentini’s extra leg was functional and he was able to use it to walk, dance, and perform various feats. He became a performer at a young age and toured with various sideshows, circuses, and vaudeville acts throughout the United States and Europe.
  3. Lentini was known for his strong personality and wit, and he was popular with audiences due to his charm and sense of humor.
  4. Lentini was also known for his charitable work, and he used his fame to raise money for various causes, including the Red Cross and war efforts during World War I.
  5. Lentini retired from performing in the 1940s and settled in New Jersey, where he lived until his death in 1966. Despite the challenges he faced due to his condition, he lived a full and successful life and remains a memorable figure in the history of sideshow performers.


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