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Ayam Cemani $5000 and Other Most Expensive Chickens in the World

  • Ayam Cemani: Facts about the Most Expensive Chicken in the Wold

Chickens (Yoruba, Adiye; Ibo, ọkụkọ; Hausa, Kaza ) are domestic fowls that are usually kept for food. These include chickens, turkeys, partridges, quail and others.  It is undoubtedly that chickens have different breeds.

Chicken is not unusually expensive in many areas; one can buy a big fowl for $5 (N5000) or even below. You will be surprised to know that the price of the most expensive chicken in the world reaches $5000 (over N2, 500,000)

Ayam Cemani $5000

In Indonesia, Ayam means chicken and Cemani means entirely black. Ayam Cemani, according to Wiki, is a rare breed of chicken from Indonesia. Including its feather, beak, and internal organs, Ayam Cemani is mostly entirely black. It can live for six-eight years.

Ayam Cemani Chicken Characteristics & Uses Info
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It is often referred to as “Lamborghini or poultry” because of the thousands of dollars it requires to get one if the possibility of getting one is not even linear because of their fewness (only about 3500 specimens in existence).

Most of these unique chickens are in Europe or in Indonesia, “it costs about $100 just to get on the waiting list for one of these creatures.”

Dong Tao $2500

Dong Tao or dragon chickens are of Vietnamese origin. It is usually called this name because of its physical appearance; it has massive, heavy, scaly legs which it’s as thick as a human wrist. Dong Tao produces one of the most prized and expensive meats in Vietnam.

Bresse $200

Bresse, the “Queen of Chickens,” is the most delicious chicken in the world, according to popular opinion. Named after a region of their origin in France, Bresse chickens have unique metabolic processes, a patterned diet, and a very high ratio of meat production.

“American Bresse was imported to the U.S. in 2011, the tight controls on Bresse production mean one bird can cost $200.”



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