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Sogidi Lake in Awe, Oyo State Nigeria: Myths, Taboos and Facts

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Sogidi Lake is an enigmatic lake in Awe, a town in Afijio Local Government Area of Oyo State. The lake is imputed for its alleged healing powers and protection for those who believe in it.

This has prolly made many people from distinct parts of Nigeria and other countries visit the lake for special prayers. Moreover, one of the attractions to Awe town is a tree, known as Ogungun, which has spent over 264 years in existence.

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Sogidi Lake. cr: Kufo TV, Facebook.


Meanwhile, the water in the lake seems brownish if one looks at it from afar, if the water is collected into a bowl; it is as clean as table water. In the water are fishes of different sizes.

But it is forbidden for anybody to kill them! According to many online publications, those who violated the rules have either lost their lives or their loved ones in the past.

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The tranquillity of the realm where the lake is situated in the rustic town is well articulated with succulent green-leafed trees. The vegetation and a fence provided protection for the lake. Many travelled to Awe in order to confirm the authenticity of the claims about the lake, therefore, increasing the influx of tourists in the community.

The Alaawe of Awe’s Talk

The Alaawe of Awe, Oba Cornelius Abiola Taiwo, Oladokun III, an associate of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of the United Kingdom and a partner of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, said of Sogidi Lake:

“When our progenitors came here, Sogidi was one of the rivers that supplied them with their daily needs in terms of human existence.” The lake is still there till today. When a settlement is about to happen, the settlers must go round to find out the capability and difficulties to the settlement.

Importantly, the lake to Awe and the monarch depicted it as a uniting factor for the whole of Awe town as their ancestral lake, annexes that the lake has dos and don’ts. In this case, Tadexprof has related the course of the lake to the Odo-Oko river in Ayinrin-Alamuye, where it is also forbidden for the people to kill any creature of the river.
It is taboo for all aborigines of Awe to fish from the lake for human consumption. He added that whoever discredited the rule, in secret or openly would suffer the consequences.

The Aruwewe Tree

Furthermore, variety of artistic designs on the fence of Sogidi Lake. They include the images of the leader of the hunters that discovered the lake, Aruwewe tree with monkeys playing on it, the Sogidi goddess and fish playing around her, Ogungun tree, Iya mopo (a pot which women often use to produce traditional soup (ose abuwe) and so on.

Aptly, some concrete chairs were sighted at the surroundings of Sogidi Lake. The previous governor of the state, Alhaji Lam Adesina, was said to have provided them when he governed the state between 1999 and 2003.

The Chairs and the Ogungun Tree

Subsequently, is the urge of the Awe people to turn Sogidi Lake, surrounded by no fewer than 10 acres of land, into an international tourist centre and they appealed to the Oyo State, corporate organisations and Federal Government to help them in achieving the goals.

Aside from Sogidi Lake, a tree that has spent over 264 years in existence has also fascinated many tourists to Awe town. The tree, known as Ogungun, is a stone throw to the Sogidi Lake.

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