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5 Craziest Things That Have Fallen From the Sky

Historically, many crazy things have rained down from the sky. These were usually bizarre, strange items as well as well known creatures that are not in any way related to the sky like gold, spiders, coffee and many more.

3 Tons of Gold

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Gold bars that fell on the runway at an airport in Siberia
on Thursday. The Siberian Times/Screenshot by NPR

It is unrealistic to watch gold raining from the sky, and if this happens, it is usually in dreams. However, this occurred in 2018. When a Siberian aircraft carrying bars of gold and silver was taking off on the 15th of March, 2018, the cargo hatch opened and this resulted to the drop of estimated 3.4 tons of gold onto the runaway below.

While the police secured the area with the prevention of movement, the plane was also forced to take back to the airport and in the end, all the fallen gold was quickly recovered.

Frozen Iguanas

It will be shocking to see frozen iguanas falling from the sky. Iguanas are an invasive species in Florida because of the cold condition. While a part of Florida “braced for their first measurable snowfall in 28 years….. other Floridians braced for a hailstorm of frozen iguanas.”

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Frozen Iguena, Florida. cr: USTimes

These creatures which have been frozen could no longer hold to the trees when the temperature goes down. They tumbled out of the trees and remain immobile, frozen but no dead. Fortunately for them, when the temperatures warm, they are allowed to resuscitate and scamper around again.

Blood rain

In the northwest Spain in 2014, it was a huge surprise and a shock for the residents of several villages in this region when they observed that the “water in their fountains had turned a gory shade of red.” (Live Science, Rt. 2022)

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Blood Rain in Spain. Youtube video ft. image

It did not occur as a result of a murder case or anything related to such, but rather it was as a result of microscopic algae that came in a recent rainfall. According to studies, the “blood rain” teems with “freshwater algae called Haematococcus pluvialis” that produce the blood-like, red pigment when stressed.


Though not for the first time, in 2015, millions of  tiny spiders fell from the sky in Australia . The “spider rain” as usually called happens when large sets of spiders engaged in “ballooning” altogether.  

download 11
Spider rain in Australia. cr: Elite Daily

These spiders climb very high area, get their butts together and release silk, therefore, taking off! Notably, this occurrence is not rare in this place.


A two-foot-long leopard shark was found on the 12th tee of San Juan Hills Golf Club on October 22, 2021 (Live Science). This deadly shark, with wounds on its fin, was immediately retrieved by a member of the staff.

download 12
The shrk at the 12th hole (Picture: San Juan Hills Golf Club)

It was alleged that the shark must have been pierced or dropped by a bird of prey because of the wounds on its fin. It was quickly moved to the ocean by the staff.


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